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PC Cleanser Now Offered as Part of Software Bundle with Antivirus Email Subscription
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Antivirus Email, a consumer products company offering subscription
e-mail and ISP services, also offers a suite of privacy protection
software that includes PC Cleanser software from Logical Innovations.
The entire bundle is free to users with a monthly subscription to
Antivirus Email.

PC Cleanser is innovative new software that optimizes the consumer’s PC
while protecting its privacy. With just the click of a mouse, PC
Cleanser clears away old useless files being stored on a PC, including
any hidden, corrupted, or illegal files, and at the same time cleanses
the history of everything done on the PC – including all web sites
visited. Files to be kept on the PC can be protected through PC
Cleanser’s File Lockdown Feature, which allows a user to protect and
encrypt any valuable files while still getting rid of the unneeded

PC Cleanser is the ultimate program for boosting the efficiency of any
PC. Once the software is downloaded, consumers can manually click the
mouse to begin the cleansing process or use the scheduling feature to
ensure that the PC Cleanser scans the computer once a day – or other
regular intervals. PC Cleanser can increase a PC’s performance up to

A standard monthly Antivirus Email subscription rate is $14.95 a month
for four email accounts and ISP service along with the free online
protection software bundle. The entire package includes anti-virus
software, spyware protection, a pop up blocker and internet accelerator
software, as well as the PC Cleanser.

Antivirus Email’s software suite protects the consumer’s computer from
internet predators – the fastest growing threat to computer users’
privacy today. Antivirus Email subscribers will now be able to safely
detect and remove Trojans, system monitors, ad-ware and other such
programs. Removal of these harmful programs will ultimately protect
them from identity theft, computer corruption and privacy invasions.
Antivirus Email’s software package will also wash away all traces of PC
and Internet Activity, and completely wipe out unneeded data for total
privacy protection and improved system performance.

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