New Stock Photo Library Needs Health and Fitness Images

Spencer Images is a new stock photo library that specialises in images for the health and fitness industry
Spencer Images is a new library that specializes in health and fitness
images and seems to have a ready market for its images because the
parent company has the National Exercise & Sports Trainers
Association as a subsidiary. This association has over 40,000 members
and thus provides a good base for to market its
images for web sites, brochures and business cards, etc.

Ten to fifteen images are required for an initial submission, submitted
by CD or email. Images sell for between $75 and $300, depending on use.
Photographers get a commission that varies from $65 per sale for the
first 10 sales, sliding down to $30 per sale for image sales after the
first 20. This seems a strange commission structure, where the most
popular images become cheaper for the library, but if it works for you,
fine. All images must be model released, obviously.

It remains to be seen how this new library goes but it is always good to see a new library start up. Definitely worth a look.


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