Technology Focus at School Helps Girls See The Big Picture

The college’s commitment to interactive teaching through projection technology has already increased student collaboration and interest as well as inspiring teachers and enabling them to revolutionise the way they deliver information.
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When it comes to the education of our nation’s children and expanding
the minds of tomorrow’s leaders, it is not a subject to be taken
lightly.  Young minds are best captured through inspirational
teaching and for Penrhos College, a leading girls’ school in Como,
Western Australia, InFocus technology is bringing foreign lands,
complex learning and memorable experiences to life in the classroom
with exceptional results.

The installation of the new state-of-the-art multimedia resources has
integrated technology into everyday tutoring, with a successful
notebook computer program and teachers using big screen viewing from
InFocus to engage students and present the world more visually to
them.  Pupils are also gaining confidence, as they are encouraged
to creatively present their work through video projects, powerpoint
presentations, web pages and digital display photography.

The college’s commitment to interactive teaching through projection
technology has already increased student collaboration and interest as
well as inspiring teachers and enabling them to revolutionise the way
they deliver information.

“The driving force behind investing in this technology was education.
We selected InFocus digital projectors as a solution that would immerse
students in the topic, allow them to present the final product they’re
learning and maximise knowledge retention,” says Julie Shaw, manager of
information and technology systems at Penrhos College. “Exposure to
technology is a sure-fire way to create excitement, educate pupils and
better prepare them to succeed in a technology-focused world.”

To deliver a high quality multimedia solution within an affordable
budget, Penrhos College worked closely with ConceptAV, specialists in
the supply, service and installation of multimedia projection and large
format display equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Each multimedia room was installed with a high quality ceiling-mounted
InFocus LP®640 digital projector with remote, surround sound speakers,
a pull down screen and a DVD/VCR combination. Employing wireless
connectivity and out-of-the-box networking, the InFocus projectors were
chosen for their ease of use, portability and bright, crisp images.

Implementation focused around the geography and maths departments and
extended out to the Resource Centre, where all students could use a
high quality, all-purpose facility. Usage is being monitored to enable
Penrhos College to develop Phase 2 of the project and build it into its
longer-term technology strategy.

“Twelve of our girls recently took digital photographs and film footage
when they attended a school formal, then savoured their memorable
moments through CD, DVD and video on the big screen with their
classmates,” elaborates Ms. Shaw. “Another example of the pupils
enjoying the new facilities is the recent screening of a Third Reich
DVD for Year 11 students, who loved the cinematic experience, picture
clarity and surround sound. Some observed that the dedicated viewing
room created an ‘out-of-class’ feel to learning, similar to an

Ms. Shaw continues, “At Penrhos College it doesn’t matter whether the
material is personal, educational or for business, what matters is that
the use of technology is understood, explored and used to maximum
advantage in our everyday lives.”

The Information and Communication Technologies [ICT] Board continues to
highlight the importance of integrating ICT into the curriculum right
across Australia. Penrhos is leading the way and was one of the first
schools in Western Australia to introduce their Notebook Computer
Program.  In conjunction with the new projection technology from
InFocus, students are developing their technical talents and
capabilities daily.

Lee Whincup from InFocus highlights how enhanced learning and teaching
capabilities had already been realised by Penrhos College in WA. “Use
of digital projection makes learning an experience for the students -
learning isn’t just text-based anymore. With the combination of larger
than life images students become completely immersed in a topic and
information retention is significantly increased.  On top of that,
students aren’t forced to squint at a small screen at the front of the

“Tools such as mapping and animation are right at your fingertips,
meaning that the education process becomes much more simple and also
saves paper,” Whincup continues. “Penrhos College is a great model of
education using reliable, effective technology to produce compelling

The future looks bright for Penrhos College as Ms. Shaw adds that the
multimedia solution from InFocus had already delivered far beyond their
expectations. “Plans are already in place to install additional
multimedia facilities for use in specific learning areas, such as
technology combined with science, which will be a really interesting
proposition for our students moving forward,” Ms. Shaw said.

About InFocus Corporation

InFocus® Corporation (Nasdaq: INFS) is the industry pioneer and
worldwide leader in the projection market today. Nearly twenty years of
experience and engineering breakthroughs are at work here, constantly
improving what you see in the marketplace, and delivering immersive
audio visual impact in home entertainment, business and education
environments.  Being the inventor and leader is simply a great
bonus of making the presentation of ideas, information, and
entertainment a vivid, unforgettable experience.

For more information, visit the InFocus Corporation web site at or contact the company on 1800 885 481.


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