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FASTLANE Secure Payments and Business Payment Systems, Inc Announce Agreement to do Business Together
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FASTLANE, a new payment network, today announced the signing of an agreement to do business with Business Payment Systems, Inc (BPS) of New York.

The alliance provides BPS merchants access to add FASTLANE Debit services to their existing methods of accepting payment as well as additional FASTLANE product offerings such as loyalty and gift card services at the point of sale. “The moment we met with BPS we felt that there was a great synergy between our two companies,” said Carl Towner, CEO of FASTLANE Secure Payments. “We are looking for 5 or 6 large companies within the payments industry to initially offer our products through. Considering BPS’s size and superior reputation within the industry we are pleased that BPS will be one of the few selective companies FASTLANE products will be initially offered through,” added Towner.

Business Payment Services, the largest Independent Sales Organization processing for NPC, with over 1,600 sales agents and 25,000 merchants, will immediately begin to market the FASTLANE product suite to their current merchant base. “The significant benefits that the FASTLANE products offer to our merchant base made the decision to sign with FASTLANE an easy one,” stated Steven Feldshuh, President of BPS. “We pride ourselves with supporting our merchants by offering services that will not only increase their bottom line but offer increased security and convenience as well, FASTLANE’s services offer it all,” added Feldshuh.

FASTLANE’s “Smart Host” technology accessed with a driver’s license has brought point of sale commerce to a safe and convenient new level.

“We created our network so that Merchant Level Sales Agents (MLS) can concentrate on selling their merchants on our driver’s license based loyalty program where over 70+ million consumers already have access to our loyalty program in their wallet,” Towner said. “Then our technology sells the consumer on our debit services right through the merchants’ point of sale terminals,” Towner added.

“The additional sales tools and subsequent financial rewards that the FASTLANE products offer to our MLS Agents added to our enthusiasm,” Feldshuh said. “We believe there will be additional MLS Agents across the nation who will want to work with us because we’ve added FASTLANE to our product offerings,” Feldshuh added.

About Business Payment Systems:
Business Payment Systems Inc. (BPS), headquartered in New York City, is the largest independent sales organization for National Processing Inc. and delivers POS debit- or credit-card processing and e-commerce solutions. BPS is a registered ISO/MSP with National Processing Company in Association with Bank of America, N.A. For more information visit us at or call 877-700-SWIPE (7947)

The FASTLANE payment network is leveraging a piece of plastic that is in virtually every consumer’s wallet. With a single swipe of the driver’s license, the consumer’s identity is verified and access is gained into FASTLANE’s Virtual Payment Network (VPN).

The single swipe grants access to one of the worlds most robust and highly secure payment networks. FASTLANE Virtual Payment Network offers point of sale Loyalty, Gift, and Debit services. Enrollment only takes a few seconds and subsequent transactions are processed in a fraction of the time it takes with other forms of payment, hence the name FASTLANE.

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