This exhibition promises an inspiring discourse about “WORK IN MOTION – migration, mobility and labour” before the background of a constantly changing economical landscape that is in a global flow.
Press Release

Call for Submission:

Dear Artist,

1. Etta Gerdes and Per Pegelow from the interactive arts media network are organising in the moment the media art exhibition “WORK IN MOTION – migration, mobility and labour”.

2. The exhibition is planned for this gallery: Red House, Sofia, Bulgaria.

3. We need: your provisory submission of adequate work to get approval for the funds. Please submit net art, interactive works or video art. Please submit via e-mail but without attachments. Please include: a short biography (less then 250 words), a short description of the work (less then 250 words) and a link to a webpage or an online PDF that describes the work and its needs to be exhibited. Please tell us who recommended you, too.

Please submit works to this e-mail address:

Timeframe for the exhibition: sometime between September 2008 and February 2009

Of course, if we get approval for the funds, there will be a contract that covers the safety and insurance of your works, the copyrights and all other relevant aspects. At the moment there are no commitments on either side.

Please let us know which of your works you would like to submit for our

Please find current information at this address:

4. Concept Exhibition:

WORK IN MOTION – migration, mobility and labour

The industrial revolutions set man in motion again after agriculture had made him settle down.

Farmers and farm workers moved into the cities to find a better life there.(Im)migrant workers came a long way, gave up their roots and homelands, to find wealth working in an industrial nation. Some industrial countries even invited them over since they were in need of more workers.

Through this process of migration, foreigners and their religions and ideas join a nation. They have to be accepted, sometimes controlled and at best integrated in a productive way. Migration has always been a part
of European history.

Prospering regions attract job-seekers, who dream of wealth and better circumstances. Big cities emerge due to the flow of migration and as a consequence, traffic and public transport increase.

Today, flexibility is the keyword to describe the situation of the working population. A lot of employees commute daily over long distances, or move houses every few years. For some of them, it is the only way to stay employed; others take their chances to improve.

At the same time, whole branches move their factories to countries where wages are low. Sometimes, whole production plants are deconstructed and rebuilt in other countries. These migrations of jobs often leave workers unemployed, and the industrial nations are now in need of new jobs. The products that are produced in low-wage countries find their way back to industrial countries. This flow of goods is accompanied by the international flow of money.

Specialists and scientists are enticed away by other industrial countries, which is called brain drain, and dreamers often look for their El Dorados in foreign countries. Employment enables people to climb the social ladder, whereas unemployment may lead to decline. Employment is a chance to develop, both for men and whole countries.

The Media Art Exhibition “Migration – Work in Motion” intends to pool various artistic approaches in a pulsating art show. This exhibition has a strong reference to Sofia itself. The selling of the steel works Kremikovtzi to a subsidiary company of the giant, Indian-based Mittal Steel Group gives a concrete local example for various European and global phenomena that are shown within the exhibited art. It is a subject of some exhibits.

This exhibition promises an inspiring discourse about “WORK IN MOTION – migration, mobility and labour” before the background of a constantly changing economical landscape that is in a global flow.

please find the current exhibition details:


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