Artistry Webinars for Painting Photos

Corel Painter Master and original Painter Expert Karen Sperling has announced Artistry Webinars, where professional photographers and hobbyists can learn to turn photos into paintings in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, without leaving home!

Contact Information
Karen Sperling
(818) 981 2803

Forget the economy.

Learn new skills from your living room in these affordable sessions and generate new income painting client portraits or enjoy new satisfaction painting your kids and grandkids.

In the hour-long sessions for professional photographers and hobbyists, artist, photographer and author Karen Sperling demonstrates her techniques for adding painterly touches to photos based on her 20 years of experience teaching and writing about Corel Painter (she wrote the first several Painter manuals!); painting commissioned portraits; and painting fine art that has been exhibited in New York and during Art Basel Miami.

Artistry Webinar attendees can choose from lectures on topics such as painting faces or they can attend interactive sessions in which they receive feedback about images they’ve painted. Everyone in the class is mic’d, so that the attendees get to interact, seeing each others’ art, creating instant virtual artists’ cafes and salons!

“People travel from all over the U.S. and across the globe for this kind of information and experience,” says Karen Sperling. “People have attended my Artistry Retreats in California from as far away as South Africa and Australia. And now everyone can learn from me live, at their own computer, minus the investments in travel time and expenses. It’s the latest example of Marshall McLuhan’s global village!”

The Artistry Webinars are getting rave reviews!

“Hi Karen,
I just want to say thank you for a most interesting and educational webinar.
I got so much out of it !!!!!!
I will always see a photo and painting in a new, enriching way !
I was thrilled that you did a webinar. The presentation was excellent and I hope you continue it.
I am thinking about catching another webinar this week if my schedule permits.
Thank you again……….for not only the great webinar, but for giving us a
glimpse as to the making of your new book. It is just mind boggling …………
I don’t know when you have time to sleep ! LOL!
Thanks again……
Andrea Marks”

Each Artistry Webinar is $29 for Artistry Tips and Tricks subscribers and for preorderers of Karen Sperling’s book, Painting for Photographers, and $39 for all others.

For more information about the Artistry Webinars, and a list of dates and topics, visit or contact Karen Sperling at or 818-981-2803.

Painting images on the computer
Painting in Corel Painter by Karen Sperling from a photo by Michelle Lamberth.

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  1. Margie HatcherMarch 13, 2009 at 3:07 pm #

    would love some more information about this!

  2. WayneMarch 13, 2009 at 4:18 pm #

    Why don’t you contact Karen (her email is at the top of the article) and ask her?

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