Epson Pano Awards 2010 Winners Announced

The EPSON International Pano Awards 2010

Professional and amateur photographers around the world were invited to enter The EPSON International Photographic Pano Awards to compete for over $13,000 in cash and prizes.

The inaugural 2010 EPSON International Pano Awards is dedicated to the art of panoramic photography. Advances in digital photography and software such as PTGui and Adobe Photoshop has resulted in an explosion in the popularity of image stitching, especially in the panoramic format. Panoramic film photography also remains alive and well.

The inaugural competition was very well supported with 2,740 entries from 945 photographers in 79 countries. The overall winner was Bill Leigh Brewer of California, who also placed first in The Built Environment category of the Open competition.

Bill’s winning image, Speed of Light, depicts a moving train speeding through the desert and was captured on a Fuji 6x17cm film camera. Bill says, ‘I wanted the train’s blur within the seemingly unchanging desert environment. When I picked up the film from the lab, I was not happy about the hot reflection on the train’s engine….I put the image away, and it was months before I came across the image and saw it with fresh eyes. I realized that the reflection made the image more dynamic, more energetic. And I learned something about not letting my expectations get in the way of a good image.’

© Bill Leigh Brewer – Speed of Light

Bill has been a Los Angeles photographer since 1982. Assignment photography has taken him from LA to New York as well as Malaysia, Nova Scotia, and Cost Rica, while personal work has led him to Cuba, Europe, and the American Southwest. His specialty for assignment work remains cars. He’s shot Acura, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota in the studio and on location.

The winner of the Amateur competition was Cynthia Hedgecock, of San Diego, California, who also placed first in the Nature category. Her image Storm Wave at Sunset was taken with a Canon digital SLR in Kaua’i, Hawaii, on the NaPali Coast – a wild and volcanically formed coastline of cliffs and rainforest, approachable by sea or helicopter, or in part by hiking trails. The wave was formed at high tide, when huge storm waves were pounding the cliffs then surging back out to meet the oncoming waves. This one exploded into the fan formation, with backlighting from the sunset through the blue-green water.

© Cynthia Hedgecock – Storm Wave at Sunset

Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, Cynthia is a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, administrator, analyst and a photographer. Cynthia says, ‘photography is a meditation, a passion, a focus of all my senses upon a moment. I am called to use everything inside me to capture an image and it stretches me. When it comes together I sometimes forget to breathe.’

First place in the Nature category of the Open competition is Roy Samuelsen, an avid amateur photographer living in Andenes, in northern Norway, 300km above the arctic circle. Roy’s stunning image of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) was captured by 7 individual 30 second exposures using a Canon 5D Mark II, which have been stitched together. Roy says the challenge was that the lights are moving all the time and during the 30 seconds it takes to expose each image, it may have moved a lot. Roy spends much of his spare time carrying heavy camera equipment, both in the lowlands and high mountains. Photography has been an interest for most of his life, but became a passion when he bought his first digital SLR in 2007.

© Roy Samuelsen – Northern Lights

First place for The Built Environment category in the Amateur competition was awarded to Bernhard Hartmann from Germany. His image, Mare Aeternum, was shot on the Ligurian Coast in Italy, near Imperia. Captured on a Fuji GX617 film camera, the image was not an easy accomplishment. Balancing the tungsten light and the ambient light required a 5am shoot, which also ensured there were no fishermen walking about in the shot. Minutes after the image was created, the first early morning swimmer had arrived.

Bernhard lives in upper Bavaria near Lake Starnberg and works as a legal council in Munich. His passion is photography, both nature and cityscapes.

© Bernhard Hartmann – Mare Aeternum The competition is proudly supported by Epson Australia, Lonely Planet, Apollo Motorhome Holidays, 360 Precision, PTGui and Panoramic Images.

The judging panel includes some of the world’s top panoramic photographers and industry professionals, including Christian Fletcher, David Hugh Evans, Nick Rains, Jaspal Jandu, Peter Eastway, Christian Fleury, Tom Putt, Glenn Beanland, Michelle Novak and Doug Segal.

For enquiries and more information, contact; David Evans, Curator


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