U&I Software Releases MetaSynth 5.31 Sound and Music Synthesis Software


MetaSynth 5.31 adds full OS X Lion compatibility as well as powerful new spectral processing features and other refinements to Eric Wenger’s award-winning MetaSynth.

The Image Synth Room in MetaSynth


* SO FILTERS – The new Second Order Filters (in the Effects Room) implement combinations of high-quality peak, bandpass, high-pass and low-pass filters.

* NEW SPECTRUM SYNTH CAPABILITIES – A number of new capabilities were added to the Spectrum Synth Room. The new Apply Image Filter command allows color images to be applied to Spectrum Synth sequences to provide dynamic stereo envelopes. This capability enables the creation of rich sounds with complex, dynamic frequency-based stereo movement. New commands provide complex compositing of clipboard spectrum data with sequence events to create amazing sound morphs.

* MANY OTHER REFINEMENTS – The new release features numerous useful refinements, bug fixes and full OS X Lion compatibility.


MetaSynth is not a synthesizer. It is a full-fledged electronic music and sound design laboratory. Each of its six rooms, provide a unique take on music and sound sculpting. It features a sleek, uncluttered user interface that is engaging, serious, and hellaciously fun to use. It invites the user to explore and think outside the box to discover new sounds and textures. The Effects Room provides standard and non-standard DSP effects with a unique envelope-oriented approach to parameter control. The Image Synth is considered by many to be the heart of MetaSynth. With infinitely customizable microtonality, the Image Synth allows you to paint sound. Color and luminance are translated to loudness and spatial orientation, which allows for the creation of everything from lush spacious sounds to caustic tweeter-burners. The Image Filter Room applies a similar graphic approach to creating dynamic audio filters and EQ. The Spectrum Synth provides spectral granular synthesis that allow! s you to analyze and re-sequence a source sound’s harmonics. The Sequencer Room is a lightweight sequencing environment for creating phrases and patterns for montages and the Image Synth. The Montage Room is a 24-track mixing and recording room with a streamlined easy-to-use interface that ties all of MetaSynth’s rooms together.


MetaSynth is a multi-faceted application that is used by composers, musicians, and sound designers alike. It is a favorite tool of electronica composers, film composers, and professional sound designers looking for unique sounds not possible with other synthesis tools. It has played a prominent role in the sound design of many Academy Award-nominated (and winning) motion pictures, such as The Matrix and The Transformers: Dark of the Moon.


MetaSynth 5.3 requires OS X.5 or later. MetaSynth 5.1 is available for users of OS X.4.


A full-featured save-disabled demo version of the application is available at:



Version 5.31 is available now. The MetaSynth 5.3/Xx 5.3 Bundle is available for a $200 discount until April 3. Suggested retail price for MetaSynth 5.3 is $599. Suggested retail price for the MetaSynth/Xx bundle is $679. Xx 5 is an algorithmic composer and MetaSynth companion.

Educational pricing is available.


MetaSynth 5.31 is a free update to users of MetaSynth 5. It is a $99 upgrade from version 4.x or a $149 upgrade from version 2.x.


U&I Software was formed by artists seeking to create tools that would allow them (and, by extension, other like-minded individuals) to explore new realms of creative expression. Founded in 1997 by Eric Wenger, creator of KPT Bryce. U&I Software‚s mission is to provide creative artists with tools that encourage discovery and liberate them from the constraints of traditional software tools and techniques. U&I’s applications provide environments that nourish creativity and exploration by providing both paradigm-breaking functionality and aesthetically-inspiring user-interfaces that are themselves works of art. U&I’s MetaSynth has received the Editor‚s Choice awards from both Electronic Musician and Musician magazines as well as Keyboard magazine’s prestigious Key Buy award. MetaSynth is also a past nominee for a MacWorld Eddy.


* ArtMatic – programmable graphics and animation synthesizer.

* ArtMatic Voyager – create and explore stunning 3D virtual worlds, abstracts, and landscapes.

* Xx – algorithmic composition tool and MetaSynth companion.

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