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Free Picture Taking Help at the Digital Show

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Major photographic brands will give the inaugural The Digital Show a new look when it opens May 25-27th at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.  According to the organisers, the Imaging & Digital Entertainment Association, many famous brands at the show will be moving beyond the normal expo massive display of the latest cameras and gizmos to shift their focus onto the task of helping show visitors get add more fun and introduce greater creativity when taking photos.

The program has been backed by such famous brands as Canon, Nikon, Epson, Fujifilm, Olympus, Pentax, Hasselblad and Ricoh. Totally free and comprehensive training on the show floor will help visitors elevate their picture taking to the next level. Even the show entry fee of $20 has been waived for those who pre-register at website, or visit major retailers such as Camera House, Digital Camera Warehouse, Harvey Norman, Michaels and Teds for a free entry pass.

The move is a bid by the industry to move away from the concept of just selling technical gizmos to showing their customers how, with a few simple tips, the new technology can be used to improve their photography and find fun new ways of using pictures. The show talks will cover everything from taking better pictures, printing them for home decor and sharing photos on the net, tablets, e-books and smart TVs.

Says IDEA’s designate CEO, Kathryn Singson, “We believe technology is at its best when it’s about self-expression and connection, not just bits and bytes.  We want to help people make the most of their digital life style”.

The Digital Show is the largest of its type in the Southern Hemisphere and is expected to attract in excess of  20,000 visitors. More than 100 brands will be on display covering everything from camera-carrying model helicopters that can fly over crowds to get that special picture, or macro lenses that create a work of art out of the hairs on a bee’s knees.

And for those that want to check out their camera skills in comparison to others, a giant photo gallery with more than 1000 pictures will show the talents of both top professional and amateur photographers. The photo gallery will also showcase the Nikon Press Photographer of the Year Awards, pictures supplied by local camera clubs and the work of photography students.

To find out just how the judging of a photo contest works, show visitors will be able to see in progress the judging of the Canon quest to find The Australian Photographer of the Year.   The judges make public comments as they award their points and the winner will be announced at the conclusion of the show.

With long established roots in the photo imaging industry, this year’s The Digital Show will expand its educational program to include digital entertainment and the idea of convergence. The event will also mark the Australian debut of Pixar’s latest original Oscar nominated short film, La Luna.

Pixar Animation Studios is an Academy Award winning computer animation studio with the technical, creative and production capabilities to create a new generation of animated feature films, such as Finding Nemo and Toy Story.  At The Digital Show, Pixar film maker AJ Rieble will speak on storytelling. Also speaking is future technology guru Mike Walsh and Microsoft’s David Mclean will speak on the subject of convergent lifestyle.

Top Australian and overseas photographers will also be on hand to share their tips and secrets, both to fellow professional photographers on the business day, which is open to all retailers, business and students on the Friday and to enthusiasts who are welcome over the weekend.

Full information is available at and the twenty dollar entry fee can be avoided by visiting a photo shop for a free pass or by downloading one from the website.


Organised by the Imaging and Digital Entertainment Association, (IDEA) The Digital Show will be held from Friday May 25th to Sunday May 27th at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Bank, Melbourne. It is the biggest show of its type in the Southern Hemisphere.

Friday is reserved for people in business, whether they are in marketing, advertising or government. Retailers of all types are welcome to attend at no charge the special Convergence, Lifestyle and Storytelling seminars organised by IDEA. All retailers are also welcome to register for the special retailing business sessions organised by the PMA (Photo Marketing Association.)  Friday will also see a special free training camp where top professional photographers share their knowledge and experience with their peers. The Australian Association of Professional Photography (AIPP) will also be judging in open session the entries competing for the title of Canon Australian Professional Photographer of the year. A special photo gallery worth more than 1000 photographs will showcase the work of both professional and amateur photographers.

Saturday and Sunday are open to all with most of the major brands on display giving talks on how to take better photos and get more fun out of their products as they converge with other entertainment equipment around the home.

The entrance fee is $20, but FREE entry can be gained by pre-registering on the show website or by visiting one of Melbourne’s leadi ng photo retailers.

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