A new line of instant film is now available in Australia for Polaroid 600 cameras

MELBOURNE, January 17, 2013: Brands Australia, the distributors of Polaroid imaging products in Australia have announced they will be distributing the new line of instant film by The Impossible Project which will be compatible with classic Polaroid 600 instant cameras. The game-changing PX 680 Colour Protection film is bringing back the unique iconic performance and look of the most successful classic Polaroid films.This new film is based on a brand new formula, as original components of classic Polaroid film are no longer available. Invented and manufactured by the Impossible Project team at the former Polaroid production plant in the Netherlands, the PX 680 film marks a giant leap in accessibility and usability of the new Impossible instant film.

“As a long time personal fan of Polaroid, words can’t describe my excitement for this break-through with instant film. This is the defining moment of the Polaroid Movement, the time where Polaroid fans can finally dust off their old cameras and re-live the magic of taking a real and unique analogue instant photo.” said General Manager, John Rule.

Being compatible with the popular Polaroid 600 cameras, the new film will give thousands of old Polaroid cameras sitting in storage a new life and will allow long term fans to re-live the original magic of instant photography and for new fans to experience it for the first time. The film features a heritage feel about it and stays true to the original unique features of Polaroid film.

“This film certainly carries the legacy of classic Polaroid instant photos with a unique vintage feel and subtle emotion that can only be achieved by analogue instant photography. It encourages creativity, emotion, and inspiration that have always been core values of Polaroid users’ worldwide.” explains Mr. Rule.
The new Impossible PX680 Colour Protection film will be available in February from specialty photographic retailers with a suggested retail price of $32.95.

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