Digital Imagemaker is the leading Australian photography, digital art and related area online magazine, with a strong readership in the US and a growing readership in other countries.

The Digital ImageMaker and Digital ImageMaker International represent one of the online publishing activities of Wayne J. Cosshall and Technomagickal Pty Ltd, of which I am Managing Director. The site went live in its present form on the 1st of June, 2005.

The aim of what is commonly abbreviated as DIMi is to provide timely, deep and meaningful articles that cover the whole gamut of digital image making practice, whether for hobby or professional purposes. DIMi thus covers photography, web and graphic design, digital art, illustration, video production, editing and special effects and 3D graphics and animation (both 2D and 3D). We cover such a broad area from the rationale of convergence, that both the underlying technology and the practice and interests of the people concerned are converging. Photographers are doing graphic and web design, graphic designers are bringing photography inhouse to save money and 3D graphics uses both video and still photography as inputs.

So apart from product reviews and tutorials we provide news, product announcements, interviews as well as galleries and other ways to show the interesting work being done out there. Our philosophical position with The Digital ImageMaker is that, for a computer literate audience, print magazines are just too slow. With between a four and six week delay common between the close of work on a magazine issue and it appearing on the newsstand, it is not the vehicle for timely information. Plus it is also difficult to look up old articles. So what we do with The Digital ImageMaker is aim to turn received press releases into articles within 24 hours, and so far we have done many in 5 minutes. By labelling an article as a press release we make clear that these are the words of the company, but we want to get the information into the hands of the reader as quickly as possible. We then follow up with reviews or more considered analysis later. I was often constrained in what I could cover due to space constraints in print. These disappear online. Plus we can readily hyperlink off to other sites as required.

Thus we are always open to receive interesting information, press releases, exhibition notices or complete articles. Just email us here. Since no-one is the total source of all information and we recognise that smart readers will always check multiple sources, we are always happy to collaborate with other magazines, online or not, information sites, portals, elists, groups, businesses, etc who have interesting things to say. Please see our Other Useful Sites pages for info.

While other people contribute to DIMi, it is mainly the work of Wayne J. Cosshall. So who am I? Well I was born in 1958 in the UK. We migrated to Australia in 1966. My first real camera came at 14 years of age to hook up to my telescopes, as I was a mad keen amateur astronomer. I started a scientific photography degree but quickly switched to a computer science degree. I wrote my first graphics software, a 3D astronomy rendering package, in 1978 and built my first computer in 1979. After graduating in 1980 I ended up at Swinburne University and over a 17 year career there went from tutor to tenured Senior Lecturer. I founded and ran the Computer Graphics Research Group and mainly did research in parallel computer architectures and algorithms for computer graphics, and mathematical art. My research work was mainly sponsored by Epson Japan through Epson Australia, Motorola and Xilinx Semiconductor. I thus travelled to the US at least once a year and so feel like San Francisco is a home away from home, with a particular soft spot for Bodega Bay and points north. Along the way I undertook a couple of post graduate Electrical Engineering degrees. Along the way I started both exhibiting initially my photography and then my digital art, and writing about computers, photography and graphics in the popular press.

In 1997 I left Swinburne to take up magazine writing full time, to do more art and to do some teaching on the creative side of computer graphics. So since then I have continued teaching at places like the Photography Studies College, my current gig at the Australian Academy of Design and developing a new digital course at the International Centre of Professional Photography. I have also written for most of the Australian and many US photography and design magazines, including Design Graphics (Reviewer), Desktop (Tech. Editor), Digital Photography & Design (Editor), Capture, formerly Commercial Photography (Tech. Editor) and PC Photo. Now I am doing it for myself.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Thank you very much for posting about the LoFi Gallery, that’s fantastic and we really appreciate it. However, I noticed that there’s a small typo in the title. It says LoFo rather than LoFi.

    Any chance we could get a quick amendment?

    Thanks again,


  2. Hey,

    I Just wanted to invite you to become a member of Fotolia community (we’re a microstock organization if you were wondering).

    We have millions of royalty-free images available to our community of members. We have tons of new stuff happening all the time, everything from free tutorials to contests. See some of the latest goings-on at fotolionews.com

    If you think this might interest you to be part of our community send me an email. Feel free to ask me any questions, or simply say hi.

    Hope to hear from you.



  3. Hello Wayne,
    I’d love to read your articles on Infrared photography, but none of the images show up on any of the pages. I tried Chrome and Internet Explorer on multiple computers and no luck. Any ideas? Thanks, Roy

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