Announcing Painting for Photographers Volume 2: Steps and Art Lessons for Painting Children’s Portraits from Photos in Corel Painter 12

Want to turn your beautiful photos of children into exquisite paintings?

Help has arrived!

Painting photos requires art knowledge and Corel Painter steps and Painting for Photographers Volume 2 provides both.

All you need to add is practice!


Art theories you’ll learn include how to paint eyes, lips, faces, hair, clothing and backgrounds, complete with illustrations of art lessons covering portrait painters through the centuries from the Dutch Masters to contemporary artists.

Illustrated Corel Painter step-by-step chapters cover styles ranging from casual paintings to classic studio portraits. Learn to paint artistic backgrounds ranging from Impressionist scenes to vignettes.

Professional photographers will find state-of-the-art painting techniques and styles to translate into profitable commissioned portraits for clients. Hobbyists will have great fun painting their kids and grandkids.

Corel Painter Master and author of the original Painter manuals Karen Sperling gives you the tools and techniques to help you to transform your photos into keepsake works of art.

Painting for Photographers Volume 2 is currently available through and will soon be available through other Amazon sites worldwide. It is also available through the Artistry website

From the Foreword by Scott Stulberg:

“Watching Karen Sperling explain the inner workings of Corel Painter to us in our little get-togethers was like hanging out with Michelangelo explaining how he chisels away at his sculptures. For me, I don’t think there is anyone on earth who understands this program better or is more talented with using Painter than Karen.

“I love seeing the finished pieces of work she does with my photographs as they are absolutely stunning and I wish I had just a little of the talent she has with this program.

“I really cannot say enough about what an amazing job Karen did with Painting for Photographers Volume 2 as it is so easy to follow and shows so many different variations to create paintings from photographs. Each chapter is unique and can turn anyone into an artist! Karen really is a magician and I know that no one else can really explain the intricacies of this unbelievable painting program like Karen. As an author myself, I know what goes into making books and I know that this new book from Karen is going to be an absolute winner.”

Cover painting and design by Karen Sperling based on a photo by Scott Stulberg.

Painter Master Karen Sperling is the original Corel Painter expert. She has been writing about and teaching Painter longer than anyone.

She demo’d Painter when it debuted at Boston Macworld in August 1991 after having written the first Painter manual. She went on to write the manuals for the next several versions of Painter and wrote several published Painter books, including the highly acclaimed first volume of Painting for Photographers, available on Amazon for either Painter X/11 or Painter 12.

Painting for Photographers Volume 2 is around her 9th or 10th Painter book, including the manuals.

Karen traditionally published the first printed Painter magazine, Artistry, and the first Painter ezine, Artistry Tips and Tricks. Karen’s Painter tutorials have appeared in many publications including SBS Design, PEI magazine, Professional Photographers magazine and Rangefinder. She also creates Painting for Photographers videos and DVD’s and Kindle articles for painting photos in Painter and Photoshop.

Karen has taught and demo’d Painter for over 20 years all over the United States at just about every venue there is, including the national Professional Photographers of America (PPA) convention, local PPA affiliates and PPA schools; WPPI; American Film Institute; Macworld; Seybold; and SIGGRAPH. She has taught Painter at many companies and schools, including Disney, American Greetings and the New School for Social Research in New York.

Karen also leads her popular Artistry Retreats, where professional photographers and hobbyists learn the art lessons and the Painter steps to turn portrait and landscape photos into paintings.

Karen paints portraits both directly for clients and for photographers to sell to their clients and her abstract art has been exhibited in New York’s prestigious Chelsea section, in Los Angeles and during Art Basel Miami. Karen’s paintings are held in private collections around the world.

Her websites are and

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