Tangerine movie shot with iPhones and anamorphic lens adapters

Sean Baker’s latest film, Tangerine, was shot on iPhones using the FiLMiC app and Moondog Labs 1.33x anamorphic lens adapters to give a wide screen but full 2k resolution film. The result is not only an amazing film but an impressive demonstration of just what you can do with an iPhone. The iPhones were mounted on Steadicam type devices for fast movement and quick setups.

Read the FastCreate article here.

FiLMiC App

Moondog Labs 1.33x Anamorphic adapter

Schneider Optics iPro Case





Stalker App for iPhone Makes Your Photography Not Noticeable

LONDON, February 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —

What do art galleries, lecture halls, museums, football matches, fashion week and the theatre all have in common?

All are designed to entertain or expand the mind, but patrons attempting to capture the moment on film will likely find themselves swiftly ejected, with the very real possibility of having their camera confiscated to boot.

But now there’s a clever way to snap the shots that nobody else dares to take, with Stalker, a super stealthy app for iPhone.

Stalker enables the user to ‘cloak’ the phone’s camera – so that prying eyes (and ears!) are none the wiser. As well as disabling sound and screen, the shutter will automatically activate, making it possible to take photos while pretending to be making a phone call.

The app has been featured on ITV’s This Morning programme and is used globally by iPhone owners at events where camera is normally frowned upon.

The app has been created by the creative tech team at Dorset-based digital agency Zeta.


Sam Allen, Marketing Director of Zeta, said:“Whether you’ve wangled an invite to a glitzy bash and can’t resist taking a sneaky snap of a ‘sleb; or you’re desperate to have a photo of you next to the Mona Lisa as your screensaver,Stalker puts the ‘hot’ and the ‘rap’ into photography.

Obviously we’re not suggesting you do anything illegal – but if you do, the chances of getting caught are a lot lower if you use Stalker.”

Trygger Camera Clip with Adjustable Polarizing Filter for iPhone 5 Debuts On Kickstarter.com

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore., Dec. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — The hottest selling camera this holiday season is the Apple iPhone 5. The gotta-have accessory is the Trygger Camera Clip with an adjustable polarizing filter. This new iPhone 5 accessory cuts out noisy light. You’ll get less glare and more vibrant colors–so you can make your best photos.


Professional photographers have relied on polarizing filters to better manage light for decades. The Camera Clip brings that same polarizing filter capability to your iPhone camera–quickly attachable–and always ready to take great pictures. When you use the Trygger Camera Clip with your iPhone, it cuts out glare and unwanted reflections while making colors richer and contrast sharper. It’s going to make the world through your phone look more like the world you see through your eyes so you can capture all of life’s moments the way you remember them.

The polarizing filter on the Trygger Camera Clip is removable. The Camera Clip attaches quickly and easily with a snug 4-sided pressure grip. It’s just a simple clip on or off. When you aren’t using it, keep the Camera Clip in its included protective carrying case. The Camera Clip comes in black and white.

Photo apps like Instagram create effects by adding filters after you take a photo. The Camera Clip filters the actual light that comes into your camera as you are taking a photo. This means you’ll end up with photos that look better whether you use them on their own or with a photo app. The key is to get it right in the original photograph by directly adjusting for light conditions before taking the shot. Using the Trygger Camera Case cuts down on those do-overs, or lost memories by helping you make your best photos the first time.

See the Tygger iPhone 5 Camera Clip at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/trygger/iphone-5-trygger-camera-clip.

Now available for purchase through Kickstarter at $30 (a $39.95 value) –http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/trygger/iphone-5-trygger-camera-clip. After Kickstarter orders are filled, Trygger products will be available at leading retailers. Targeted shipping in February 2013. Suggested retail price is $39.95. In Black, or White.

Founded in 2011, Trygger, LLC is a privately held manufacturer of innovative smartphone accessories. Trygger differentiates itself with standard setting performance and world-class design. To learn more about developments at Trygger view our latest news at [email protected], or contact us directly.

LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012 Takes Off With Diptic On Board

Diptic, a mobile app that lets iPhoneographers combine multiple photos to create a new image, has partnered with the mobile arts community iPhoneArt.com (IPA) and Autodesk Inc. to produce the LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012 (LA MAF). (August 18-25, 2012 at the Santa Monica Art Studios.)
Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) June 30, 2012

Diptic, a mobile app that lets iPhoneographers combine multiple photos to create a new image, has partnered with the mobile arts community iPhoneArt.com (IPA) and Autodesk Inc. to produce theLA Mobile Arts Festival 2012 (LA MAF). (August 18-25, 2012 at the Santa Monica Art Studios.)

Award-winning mobile artists from around the globe will show off their latest creative works in a variety of innovative art forms under the soaring roofline of the Santa Monica Art Studios (SMAS) an historical airplane hangar turned cutting-edge contemporary arts community.

Diptic was the industry’s first software application to focus on creating diptych and triptych photographs with hand-held devices. The app allows users to tell a story with their photos by creating sequences, sectioning imagery, and juxtaposing contrasting visuals.

“The mobile arts are all about breaking new ground, and Diptic is a great example of how many artists are able to push the boundaries of the apps they use into unexpected realms,” said IPA cofounder and LA MAF producer Daria Polichetti. “Designed by Peak Systems, it brings an ancient art form (the triptych) into the digital age, allowing artist to create split-screen works that go far beyond what you might expect. The LA MAF will be a great space to show off the truly innovative creations that are being generated by many of the best artists in the mobile art world today,” she said.

“We are always looking for companies to partner with who share our vision, and who want to give something back to the artists responsible for the increasing success of the mobile art movement. So we are honored to have Diptic as our partner and look forward to seeing the results.”

The LA MAF event is Santa Monica Art Studios’ first-ever mobile arts exhibition, showcasing interactive mobile artistry across a range of fields. The SMAS art community is a major mecca for contemporary art and design in the Los Angeles area, hosting shows produced by curators around the globe. It is located close to Silicone Beach—a new hub for mobile app and technology development.

“We are thrilled to partner with the LA MAF,” said John Sloat, president and CEO of Peak Systems. “Mobile art is an exciting and rapidly evolving art form, and we are proud to support an event that features the work of talented artists who are leading this movement.”

Please visit the LA MAF web pages for more information.

New iPhone Camera Remote eyeClick

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) June 30, 2012

eyeClick is a camera remote accessory for the iPhone that lets you take photos and videos of friends and family without being forced to shoot at “arms length.” The product is currently attracting backers on the popular funding site Kickstarter.

The creator of eyeClick, David Wu, has created more colors in addition to an initial all black case. Backers of the project can now pre-order a limited edition Kickstarter green and black, as well as white, blue and gray cases.

“From the beginning, I have wanted to create more color variations of the case,” said Wu. “I have been getting a lot of requests for more colors, so I decided to give the option for a case and add it to the new rewards. I am certain that these will help me reach my funding goal.”

In addition to sleek new colors, six new rewards have been added to the funding campaign. These new rewards range in price from $55 to $175 and include the eyeClick case, along with incentives such as getting your name engraved on the case to receiving a tripod to go along with it.

With the $65 reward, users also get an HD lens attachment. iPhone 4/4Ss have both front and rear facing cameras, but only the back camera shoots in HD. With the HD lens attachment, the back camera is redirected to the front, allowing users to take pictures and videos in HD.

The eyeClick Kickstarter campaign officially ends July 29. For more information, visit http://bit.ly/eyeClickKS.

About eyeCLICK

The eyeCLICK is a simple camera remote accessory for iPhone 4/4S that enables you to take photos and videos of friends and family without being confined to an “arms length” distance. By pairing a remote control and HD lens with the phone, it frees you from the usual limitations associated with taking photos and videos.

New iWitness Service for the iPhone Helps Stop Crime Before it Starts

Service Provides a Witness, Without Having a Human Nearby, to Deter a Possible Assailant

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) June 13, 2012

This might be of use to photographers who shoot at night or in other situations here a bit of extra protection could be handy.

iWitness, a Seattle-based personal security technology company, today announced iWitness for iPhone users, a service that helps deter a crime before it happens. The new, easy-to-use, service provides rapid audio/video uploads every 3 seconds ―of what a user records via iWitness― to secure data centers, where a protected copy is kept that only law enforcement can access. One of the biggest deterrents to a possible assailant is a witness who may see the crime― iWitness is able to provide just that without another human having to be nearby. Because it is a video recording, it is an objective “witness” that cannot be influenced or scared into not testifying. The iWitness service also includes a bright flashing light, a loud alarm, a 911 quick-call button, real-time tracking of your location via GPS, alerts to friends and family, and more.

The iWitness service is great for women, students, night shift workers, the elderly, and many others who may feel unsafe at times. It is for anyone who has ever felt any fear walking down dark streets, in scary neighborhoods or past questionable characters. Now available on the iPhone for only $3.99 a month, it will also soon be available on the Android platform. To obtain the iWitness service, people need to go to the iWitness website to sign up. They will then be prompted on their iPhone to download the service and will be ready to go within minutes.

“When we talked to people, especially women, it was amazing how much fear for their personal safety they felt on a daily basis,” said Greg Heuss, CEO of iWitness. “For the cost of one latte’ a month, people can feel much safer as they walk downtown, on campus, go out at night, jog, hike, or enter uncomfortable neighborhoods.”

iWitness, the company, believes it is better to deter a crime before it starts rather than having to defend while a crime is already in progress. Law enforcement officials have said that in most cases a person will hear, see, or be engaged by, an assailant before they strike. This gives the iWitness user time to press the button on their iPhone to activate the service and help deter the possible incident.

Typical self-defense methods don’t always work. Things like pepper spray, knives and guns can all too easily be turned on innocent users and others by an assailant. The iWitness service provides a level of protection without the inherent risk of a weapon being turned on the user, or the user having to physically hurt someone else. iWitness is safe around children and can be taken and used when going into public facilities, while traveling, and on airplanes.

iWitness was designed by tech industry veterans with deep experience in E911 and wireless data transport for emergency services. It has also been praised by law enforcement professionals across the nation.

“Today almost everyone has a virtual camera in hand, so we were able to make this long-held vision a reality,” said David Remer, iWitness founder and Chairman. “If we collectively save even just one life through this service, it will be worth the effort.”

iWitness is Valuable in Many Scenarios
There are thousands of scenarios where iWitness can help bring peace-of-mind to the user and possibly deter a crime. A few of them are listed below.

  •     A nurse in a night shift has to go to her car in the dark.
  •     A young woman who works downtown in a retail store has to take a bus home in the dark because she unexpectedly had to work late.
  •     A stay-at home-mom is home alone while the kids are at school and a “solicitor” walks up to her house.
  •     A career woman wants to squeeze a quick walk in after work, but she doesn’t estimate the correct time of the sunset and ends up in the dark on the last mile.
  •     A woman is driving along and her car suddenly breaks down on a quiet road and questionable characters keep approaching her to ask if she needs help.
  •     An elderly couple notices a suspicious person walking around their house.

By having the iWitness service on their mobile phone, something that most people typically have nearby, people can have an added layer of safety when they feel fear.

“We have talked with several men who want to buy this for the women in their lives, be it their wives, girlfriends, mothers or sisters,” continued CEO Heuss. “Everyone wants to protect themselves and those they love from potential harm and iWitness can help with that.”

About iWitness
IWitness is a personal security technology company designed to prevent crimes from happening, keep them from escalating when they do, make it easier for authorities to catch and prosecute criminals, and provide peace-of-mind for the user. Founded by early pioneers in the e-911 space, the company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. For more information, please go to http://www.iwitness.com .

Earn Money on Your iPhone Photos via Foap

Foap is a new web service that enables users to sell iPhone photos via an app. By uploading the photo to the app, tagging it with descriptive word tags and submitting it for approval your photos can get sold. Based in Sweden, Foap joins a number of successful entrepreneurial companies, such as Skype, Spotify, Wrapp and iZettle.

Foap splits the revenue on a 50/ 50 basis with the photographer, and each photo is licensed for $10, as a campaign price, so you can earn $5 each when a company buys it. The money can be easily cashed out through the app, via PayPal integration.

However, not all images are approved. The reason could be that the image is too small, blurry, uses heavy Instagram filters or is poorly composed. In other words, users need to snap great photos.

“In the end, it’s about accepting photos that will sell. We want to attract the best Iphoneographers and those who are passionate about photography rather then everyone,” says David Los, Co-founder of Foap.

“Foap is also aiming to create a platform of where companies can post creative photo missions that the users can take on. The company has already partnered up with some photo buying companies that really see the value in Foap. The latest partner is Ferratum, a micro loan company which is constantly looking for photos that illustrates unexpected bills and expenses.”

“We have seen a huge interest from companies that are looking for special genres of photos that they can’t find elsewhere. Where do you for instance find a photo of three twins eating ice cream, in a fast and easy way? We have also learned it’s very popular among our users so it’s definitely a feature that we will work more on,” says David Los.

The company has raised around $230K up to this date, and is looking to raise a second round within the next two months. The app launched in the Scandinavian AppStores on May 15, and has already signed up thousands of registered users who have uploaded tens of thousands of photos. The company has sold credits worth thousands of photos, but will start the real marketing today in order to put fire on the sales.

New Award-Winning iPhone App Mooklet Released: Publish Your Own Photo Story Book as HTML5 App

This week, Mooklet Project announced the release of “Mooklet,” an iPhone Application that lets users create a photo story in just a few minutes. Since users can give out a published Mooklet as an “HTML5 based web application”, family and friends can easily install it as native photo book app on their iPhone or iPad Home screen and enjoy it in full-screen mode. On June 5th, “Mooklet” won the App Star Award 2012, presented by Appsfire, France.

Mooklet Project announced the release of Mooklet, an iPhone application that lets users publish a photo book as an HTML5 web application.

Mooklet for iPhone is an app that allows users to create an animated “Photo Story Book” from iPhone’s photo library in just a few minutes. Since users can give out a published Mooklet as a “HTML5 based web application” via URL, family and friends can easily look at Mooklet on their iPhone or iPad. If users save that URL by using “Add to Home Screen”, they can install a published Mooklet with a unique icon and enjoy it in full-screen mode, just like a native application. Anytime, anywhere.

A Mooklet is not just a photo album. It is a “Photo Story Book” that lets users share the messages and stories. A Mooklet is unique in the world, and users can easily share it with family, friends and viewers.

Users can use Mooklet to send unique birthday wishes or wedding gifts made with photos of memorable moments. They can also create picture books or lively photo albums of vacation photos. Or, in a more practical application, a Mooklet can be their professional portfolio or a company’s digital brochure that is very easy to hand out to customers and fans.

On June 5th, Mooklet won the App Star Award 2012, presented by Appsfire, France. It was chosen from a crowd of hundreds of contenders.

Toru Kobayashi, the founder of Mooklet, commented, “We’re very excited to introduce this creative application. With Mooklet, users can astonish their audience by creating unique story books filled with amazing pictures.

These days, the ways of sharing photos using mobile devices are increasing rapidly. However, existing photo sharing services such as Instagram, Flickr, Picasa or Facebook focus on organizing and displaying photos in a conventional photo album. Currently, there is no service that allows users to display photos to their fullest effect with more than just a photo album, like original “Photo Story Books” or photo books enhanced by your personal messages. Although people can use a conventional paper photo book service, the printing costs are a concern if you want to give it out to many people.

Mooklet offers you the flexibility of being published online as well as installed as a web application on your iPhone or iPad home screen. It is a powerful tool to let your viewers experience the unique and high-quality photo books you created, exceeding the limits of a mere photo sharing service.”

=== Key features of Mooklet ===
1. Publish Mooklet Photo Book as an HTML5 based web application.
Mooklet allows users to publish a Mooklet Photo Book as an HTML5 based web application. Since it is a web application, people can easily install favorite Mooklet on their iPhone or iPad home screen when they access the URL. If users access a published Mooklet from the home screen, they can enjoy it in full-screen mode, just like a native application, anytime, anywhere.

2. Just choose favorite pictures and title. It’s done in just a few minutes.
Users can choose “Manual mode” and “Automatic mode” when they create a mooklet. If users choose “Automatic mode”, just pick favorite photos and Mooklet will automatically choose fitting background textures and layouts and create a Mooklet Photo Book instantly. After that, they can complete it by editing the titles and captions.

3. Simple and powerful editing features
The design is simple and easy to use. Users will never get lost while switching pages or changing background textures and layouts. They can choose from 25 different background textures and 28 different layouts. Each layout has a preset animation and it can be easily turned the animations on or off with just one touch. Their work will be uploaded to a “Slot”, an online storage space for publishing.

4. Rewritable slot feature
A user work will be uploaded to a “Slot”, which is an online storage space for publishing. We will give three Free Slots to anyone who creates a user account. A “Free Slot” displays banner ads and can publish Mooklets of up to 24 pages. However, users can reuse it and publish new Mooklets as many times as they want. They can additionally purchase a “Standard Slot” which is free of ads and can hold Mooklets of up to 36 pages.

[ Pricing and Availability ]
Mooklet 1.0.1 is FREE and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category. We will give three Free Slots to anyone who creates a user account. Additionally, they can purchase “Standard Slots” at the special price while running Mooklet.

[ Device Requirements ]

  • iPhone 4 and 4S, iPod touch (Not supported iPad)
  • Requires iOS 5.0 or later
  • This app does not support iPhone 3G and 3GS.


[ Links ]
Promotion Video
Official website & many user’s samples
iTunes store link

iPhoneArt.com launches LA Mobile Arts Festival in Santa Monica – August 18-26, 2012; Open Call for Entries: Deadline, July 15, 2012

Mobile art pioneers from around the world will show off their latest creations at the LA Mobile Arts Festival. The event will be Santa Monica Art Studios’ first-ever mobile arts exhibition showcasing nine days of mobile artistry from the heart of the West Coast’s contemporary art scene.

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) May 30, 2012

Mobile art pioneers from around the world will show off their latest creations at the LA Mobile Arts Festival. The event will be Santa Monica Art Studios’ first-ever mobile arts exhibition showcasing nine days of mobile artistry from the heart of the West Coast’s contemporary art scene.

The Call for Entries is open from now to July 15, 2012. Submission and sponsorship details can be found on the LA-MAF website.

Santa Monica Art Studios is a major mecca for contemporary art and design in the Los Angeles area. This vast, historic airplane hangar was converted to a modern-day artists’ colony in 2003. Under its soaring roofline, artists of every persuasion come to share, create, and sell their works in studio and exhibition spaces.

LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012 will be a fusion of art and technology, exhibited in Arena 1 at SMAS – 2,400 sq. ft. of prime exhibition space that shows off cutting edge artworks from curators across the globe. Here, early aviation pioneers once roamed the hanger. What better place to champion today’s passionate iPhoneographers and mobile artists as this underground movement takes off worldwide. What better city than Los Angeles – home to a panoply of world class visual effects and digital artists, and to Silicone Beach, a new hub for iPhoneography and mobile art related tech developers.

“We welcome submissions for all the mobile arts—photography, sound- and video-based works, sculptural and performance art pieces,” said Daria Polichetti, co-founder of IPA. “We are thinking big – and encourage artists to investigate ways of going beyond traditional presentation methods. We are currently accepting proposals and will also be reaching out to artists with ideas for solo and collaborative installations. We are looking at new printing techniques, three-dimensional installations, environmental design and much more. Funds will be made available for the projects we are most excited about,” she said.

Some of iPhoneArt.com’s award winning artists who will be taking part in this year’s festival can be seen on the2011 IPA Mobile Grant page. Best of all, many of the festival’s featured artists will be able to take advantage of IPA’s upcoming iPrints Store, enabling them to sell exhibit images as well as works from their larger portfolios, not just to the Los Angeles crowd, but around the globe. The iPrints Store is the beginning of an innovative and far-reaching sales platform for mobile artists. It is currently in beta testing, and will be launching soon.

Grip and Shoot – Bluetooth 4.0 Camera Remote for iPhone 4S

The Grip and Shoot is an advanced and easy to use camera rig for shooting photos and video with your iPhone 4S. The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Grip works wirelessly with the Grip and Shoot Camera App to give you the ability to zoom in/out and capture photos/video all with one hand!

Homer Glen, IL (PRWEB) May 30, 2012

Smartphone cameras are beginning to rival stand alone cameras in picture quality but they are not easy to hold while filming. The Grip and Shoot quickly transforms your iPhone 4S into a camera rig that feels natural and is easy to use. The BLE Grip serves as both support and a wireless remote for your iPhone 4S. The ergonomically designed handle allows a comfortable shot at any filming angle.

The BLE Grip and iPhone 4S are initially paired using the Grip & Shoot App. The trigger at the front of the BLE Grip captures a photo, or activates the start/stop of video depending on the setting in the Grip & Shoot App. Located near your thumb lies two buttons that provide zoom in/zoom out functions. All three buttons work wirelessly with your iPhone 4S via Bluetooth 4.0. When not in use, the BLE Grip goes to sleep until it is awakened when the Grip & Shoot App is started. The Grip & Shoot Camera App mirrors the basic functions of the iPhone’s Camera App and is a free download.

Bluetooth Low Energy is a new property of Bluetooth 4.0 wireless radio technology. It uses significantly lower power and provides lower latency than previous Bluetooth technologies. Because the BLE Grip requires little power, a single coin cell battery is used to power the BLE Grip for over 10,000 snapshots.

The Shooter Case is made from an elastomeric thermoplastic and has a ruggedized look and feel to it. The case is not only durable, but also allows functionality of all buttons and ports.On the side of the Shooter Case is a camera shoe over-molded onto a stainless steel support. The support is then over molded with the elastomeric Shooter Case. The case feels soft and rubbery but when connected to the BLE Grip, creates a solid connection between the BLE Grip & iPhone.

The Shooter Case can be removed from the BLE Grip and attached to the Tripod Mount which has the same locking mechanism as on the BLE Grip. The Tripod Mount has adjustable legs to angle the smartphone for a better shot angle. It can also be mounted onto a tripod. The BLE Grip is then used as a remote to snap a picture, start/stop video, zoom in/out up to 100 feet away.

The Grip & Shoot has an open API so developers can write iOS apps that can be controlled by the three buttons on the BLE Grip. Other camera apps are welcome to add the ability to control their apps wirelessly. Not just for cameras…..playing a first person shooter with the realistic feel of the Grip & Shoot system could be a blast.

father/son design team has developed this wirelees remote for the iPhone 4S camera. They are planning on manufacturing the product in the United States and currently seeking social funding thru Kickstarter.