HSC Edit DepthField 64bits plug-In for Photoshop CS3 to CS5 (including 64bit) on Mac and Windows, LightRoom or Apple Aperture 2/3

A powerful lens simulation plug-in for tilt and depth of field effects.

Press Release

Wilmington, NC,

Human Software today announces the immediate availability of DepthField a lens simulation plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® and Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Apple Aperture in 32 or 64bit mode. With DepthField photographers can draw attention to their subject by manipulating focus and depth of field after the shot has been taken. DepthField features multiple diaphragm for realistic blurring and altering the mood of a scene.

– Manipulate focus the way you wish

DepthField lets you manipulate the focus like if you would be using an expensive lens. DoF techniques let you move the attention to your subject. With this module you can manipulate the focus after the shot has been taken.
You can place a virtual lens anywhere on your image applying a tilt lens effect or a planar-3D blurring effect. You can perform all kind of blur adjustments, add bokeh effects with blade adjustments or add the vignetting effect of your choice.

DepthField also lets you create a selection through a virtual brush on your image for a more precise effect or in case of multiple subjects on the scene. DepthField also features an extra sharpening option so you can even re-sharpen what is already in focus. This new version adds more blur kernels such as motion, circular or concentric blur. Also it is now possible to add back grain to the out of focus areas.

– Put your subject forward

With DepthField you easily draw back the attention to the subject of your photo. By manipulating a double set of lenses DepthField blurs the background and remove all visual clutter that distracts the viewer from the real subject. It is also possible to add any kind of vignetting effect. A vignette darkening for exemple can also draw the eye to the subject but change the mood of a scene. Not only such effect may be achieved through a double set of lens but may be layered and scattered across the image for a perfect control of the ambiance.

– Host Requirements
DepthField is available as a standalone and as a plug-in to Photoshop CS3 to CS5 in 32 or 64bit, Adobe Lightroom, Aperture 2.1 and 3. DepthField is offered for Mac X5 or X.6 and Windows XP/Vista/7

– Price & Availability

DepthField sells for $89.95- Products are also available through selected retail stores and can be ordered directly by calling Human Software at (910) 4710106
or on-line via our secure ordering system at HumanSoftware’s Web site at http://www.humansoftware.com.

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