OmegaSatter the new home of Novatron professional lighting equipment proudly presents the M150 monolight. The newest in Novatron’s lineup, this monolight is a great option for the wedding or portrait photographer on a budget.

The Novatron M150 Monolight has a four-stop power range with the typical minimum aperture rating of f/11 (10’ at ISO 100) when set to full power. The M150’s on board CPU will give consistent, easy to adjust exposures every time. Power output is controlled up and down by push button and shown on an LCD panel read out adjustable to 1/10th stop increments.  To add to its ease of control, the M150 will automatically relieve the circuit when adjusting power levels from high to low. The modeling light switch on the M150 permits either constant full power, or variability that will mimic the output of the flash power selection.

Novatron M150 Monolight
Novatron M150 Monolight

The M150 easily syncs with other lights in use with its integrated optical slave; if the slave function is not wanted it can be easily disabled with the push of a button. In addition, the M150 has a low sync voltage making it safe for direct wire syncing with any digital camera or with any wireless syncing device.  Simple to maintain, this monolight features a user replaceable modeling light and flash tube.

Accessory light controls are not a problem, the M150 features a removable 6.5” reflector that will accept all of Novatron’s light control accessories including barn doors, snoot and grid diffusers. The 6.5” reflector is also removable to accept Novatron’s 16” reflector and third party soft boxes and light controls designed for the Novatron reflector mount. The fixed light stand mounting bracket is ready to accept any standard bounce or diffusion umbrella.

Novatron’s M150 Monolight is a bargain at MSRP of $240. The M150 is also available in Kits that include stands, umbrellas and a case. Novatron professional lighting products are available at photo retailers nationwide.

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