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Canon 40D Image Noise Tests

We test the Canon 40D for image noise, both during short, daytime exposures and long, night exposures. The Canon 40D is an excellent camera. It handles well, has an excellent control layout, has an excellent feature set and takes great shots. Image quality is the topic of this test and specifically how noise changes by […]

Digital Infrared with the Nikon D3

Wayne puts the Nikon D3 through its paces with a Hoya R72 filter and a tripod for IR photography. The Nikon D3 is a stunning camera. With a full frame 12.1mega pixel CMOS sensor capable of capturing up to nine frames per second at full resolution, it is Nikon’s first full frame dSLR. It handles […]

Epson Perfection V500 Scanner

Sitting at the top of Epson’s middle range of scanners, the V500 is a very capable scanner for both reflective and film scanning. The V500 is a scanner with excellent specifications for the price range it sits in, selling at about half the price of Epson’s most expensive A4 or Letter sized scanner, the V700. […]

A Pair of Epson Data Projectors

We review a couple of Epson’s latest data projectors, the EMP-83 and the EMP-S5. Data projectors are an indispensable tool, and not only for education and presentations. They are used by wedding and portrait photographers to sell their clients on big images, by artists and by web designers, in fact by everyone who is an […]

May 2007 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – Michael Levin

Michael Levin is landscape photographer who creates the most stunning monochrome images. In our second award of the month, we look at his website. A Vancouver based landscape photographer, Michael Levin creates striking monochrome landscape photographs. Michael’s website is a stunning reflection of his work, calm, cool and oh so elegant. He is a master […]

Lensbaby 3G Review

The Lensbaby 3G seems to be a love or hate phenomenon. I’ve been living with the latest version for a month or so and this review examines the results of my experimentation with it attached to my digital SLR cameras. The Lensbaby is a tilt/swing lens for your 35mm SLR and digital SLR (it is […]

Lensbabies in Infrared

As part of our testing of a Lensbaby 3G, we could not resist putting a Lensbaby on our infrared converted Canon 350D digital SLR camera. The Lensbaby is an interesting tilt lens that many photographers are really enjoying and that solves some real photographic problems in a very inexpensive way. We have been testing a […]

Epson 3800 Printer Impressions

The Epson 3800 printer has been a much-anticipated printer for many people, fitting a perfect size niche for many photographers, artists and designers. Occupying an ideal size for many people, the 3800 has been much awaited by many people. We put it through its paces and offer our first impressions. Setup is straight forward, as […]

CS3 Beta Indepth – Photoshop, Part 7 – Vanishing Point, Printing, PDF and Zoomify

In our ongoing coverage of the CS3 Beta we now get to the main show, Photoshop. In this part, we examine Vanishing Point, Printing, PDF and Zoomify. Vanishing PointVanishing Point is now on the way to supporting multiple, connected planes with angle adjustments so that planes do not need to joint at 90 degrees. In […]

CS3 Beta Indepth – Photoshop, Part 6 – Cloning, Healing, Performance, Blending Modes and Brightness/Contrast

In our ongoing coverage of the CS3 Beta we now get to the main show, Photoshop. In this part, we examine Cloning, Healing, Performance, Blending Modes and Brightness/Contrast. Cloning and Healing The new Clone Source Palette is a great help and extends the functionality of cloning and healing in an efficient way. It puts nice […]