The Cregle iPen Will Soon Be a New Way to Write and Draw in PaperDesk, the Popular iPad Note Taking App.

PaperDesk Announces its Upcoming Integration with the Cregle iPen

Ann Arbor, MI (PRWEB) June 25, 2012

WebSpinner is proud to announce that PaperDesk will begin supporting the latest innovative iPad accessory, the Cregle iPen. Its integration will start in July of 2012.

Since it can easily convert the iPad into an efficient drawing device, this is a major step forward for note taking apps such as PaperDesk. “The Cregle iPen really is a huge improvement over a passive stylus,” states Scott Hasbrouck, the developer of PaperDesk. “I know it will be a welcome addition to PaperDesk users.”

With an iPad compatible small stylus tip, the Cregle iPen closely resembles a regular ink pen or pencil. It is designed with an ultrasonic and infrared receiver that measures the iPen’s position while being attached to the iPad’s bottom.

The Cregle iPen differs from the passive digitizer because its small stylus tip enables iPad users to comfortably rest their wrists on screen while writing and drawing. This is an difficult comfort to achieve with a passive stylus, which also has a blunt tip. Furthermore, touching the iPad screen with your wrist while drawing will result in unwanted marks. Many note taking apps, such as PaperDesk, have implemented ways of detecting the difference between a wrist and a stylus tip, but it does not work 100% of the time with any app.

Along with support for the iPen, the resolution of the ink in PaperDesk will be updated to support the new iPad retina display. As the first major note taking app to offer retina resolution on its user interface, PaperDesk will now have support for the ultra-high resolution technology in its ink. This will be an excellent compliment to the Cregle iPen. This is because the iPen’s small tip paired with PaperDesk’s retina resolution ink will more accurately resemble the experience of drawing a thin, precise line with a pen or pencil.

Cregle, Inc. is the inventor behind the Cregle iPen. It was originally funded and introduced through Kickstarter in November, 2011. It became available to the public in March, 2012.

Scott and his wife, Lida, are independent developers and owners of WebSpinner, LLC. Their business created PaperDesk, an app developed for the note taking needs of students, business professionals, and educational staffs globally. PaperDesk is joining iPads in replacing traditional notebooks used in schools. It is efficient in meeting the note-taking needs of educators and students worldwide. PaperDesk is available in the App Store.

For additional information on PaperDesk’s upcoming integration with Cregle iPen, contact Scott or Lida Hasbrouck at (404) 585-7037. They can also be reached via email at support(at)mypaperdesk(dot)com and by visiting thePaperDesk website.

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