A Tripod for the Apple iPhone 3G and 3Gs

When I was out trying infrared photography with my iPhone 3Gs I really lusted after a tripod. And now it is here. The people at Joby who make the bendy GorillaPod have made one for the iPhone called the Joby Gorillamobile for 3Gs.

Joby Gorillamobile for iPhone 3Gs

You can see the iPhone case and the other attachments

This A$59 recommended retail price in Australia tripod comes with a case for the iPhone that includes the coupling to the tripod, making it easy to attach and detach your phone from the tripod. It also comes with two adhesive pads for attachment to other devices as well as a a tripod screw attachment.

It also lets you use the iPhone as a desk accessory

Joby also provide a free self-timer app for the iPhone with a selectable delay, grid screen and more.

The self-timer in the free iPhone app

For those in the US it is also available from Amazon.

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