Artbeats Unveils New Ultra, Aerial, Energy and Environmental Titles in SD and HD at NAB 2008

Industry’s Leading Stock Footage Company Showcases Exclusive Ultra Slow Motion Collections, City Edges and Executive Jet
Press Release

Artbeats, the industry’s leading creative footage resource, today announced the immediate availability of a wide range of exclusive royalty-free collections at the 2008 National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB). Shown for the first time at NAB, these collections are the latest additions to Artbeats’ very popular Ultra footage line, which features 1000fps (frames per second) slow-motion footage shot with the Phantom HD camera. Artbeats is one of the few stock footage houses to use the Phantom HD, and the camera’s outstanding resolution can be seen in the following new Ultra collections:

  • Ultra Water 2, Ultra Natural Water, and Ultra Water Drops feature footage of water in all its forms, from dripping and splashing single drops to crashing waves, churning white water and spectacular shots from behind a waterfall.
  • Ultra Motion 2 is the sequel to the popular Ultra Motion collection. It contains a wide variety of subject matter, including fireworks, smoke, leaves, water splashes, golf, swimmers, divers and much more.
  • Ultra Nature previews the wonders of nature in ultra slow motion. Watch a hummingbird seemingly hang in mid-air, witness bees gathering nectar from flowers, see frogs jumping from rocks.
  • Liquid Ambience 2 makes water look like nectar so that even the smallest of ripples take on a magical quality. These liquid backgrounds are mesmerizing and will add real production value to any project.

In addition, Artbeats is unveiling Executive Jet, which offers landings and takeoffs of business jets, plus exclusive air-to-air footage of a Gulfstream IV. City Edges has unique and dramatic close-up shots of city skyscrapers and architecture. Artbeats also “goes green” with Environmental Impact, an impressive collection featuring clips that support nearly every environmental cause, making it a good companion title to Aerial Energy, which includes a wide variety of power plants as seen from the air. As big city aerials are constantly requested, Artbeats is also introducing Atlanta, Dallas, Miami and Texas City Aerials. More detail on these collections:

  • Executive Jet boasts incredible production value with 30 air-to-air shots of a high-end Gulfstream IV, along with 14 gyrostabilized tracking aerials of jets landing and taking off, making these clips essential for storytelling, commercials, documentaries and eye candy.
  • City Edges explores the abstract shapes and shifting layers of building edges as seen from a helicopter and tracked with a Gyron gyrostabilized camera system. Identifiable enough for great establishing shots, and abstract enough to be used as effects and backgrounds, these clips are so visually stimulating that users will want to find an excuse to use them no matter what the project is.
  • Environmental Impact includes footage of landfills, recycling, litter, air pollution, forest management, water pollution, energy use and more.
  • Aerial Energy offers Gyron-stabilized aerial footage of five major energy sources, including wind, solar, petroleum, hydro and nuclear energy plants across the country.
  • Atlanta, Dallas, Miami and Texas City Aerials answer the continuous request for more aerial footage of big cities. These new Gyron-stabilized collections feature spectacular skylines, towering skyscrapers and familiar landmarks as seen from the air.

 Artbeats will showcase these and many other royalty-free titles on the company’s massive HD plasma display wall at NAB 2008, booth SL5413. To learn more about Artbeats’ NAB 2008 product releases, as well as special discounts and offers available exclusively for NAB attendees, please visit
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Pricing and Availability
Artbeats footage is available in HD-1920×1080, D1 NTSC-720 x 486 or D1 PAL-720 x 576 resolutions. Pricing for Artbeats’ HD collections range from USD $799-$1,599; standard definition collections range from USD $399-$899. Individual clips are also available, ranging from $199-$300. To learn more about Artbeats and view every clip and collection in the library, please visit
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Artbeats, founded in 1989, is an award-winning provider of royalty-free stock footage for broadcast, feature films, commercial, multimedia, game development and independent producers. The Artbeats library includes nature, special effects, scenics, aerials, lifestyles, backgrounds and much more. Quality, resolution and pricing make Artbeats one of the leading choices by industry professionals. Free research from the company’s knowledgeable service representatives and access to online tutorials help customers locate and make the most of their stock footage resources. The library is always expanding and currently includes over 454 titles, over 154 of which are HD, as well as a growing selection of royalty-free solo clips. Customers can view the entire library online, and Artbeats’ comprehensive, user-friendly website makes it easy for customers to find, purchase and download royalty-free footage 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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