Images for a Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Images is a right’s preserved photo stock library. Stock agencies, as opposed to royalty free CD companies, sellindividual images. The price often depends on end use. Most provideboth on-line image search facilities and the ability to phone someone,describe the sort of shot you are after and have them do the searchingfor you. Lonely […]

Profile â

Chris Barnaby does abstract digital art with a definite spiritual aspect. Chris Barnaby first came to my attention through the InternationalDigital Art Awards. Since then we have been communicating anddiscovered a lot in common. Chris is one of those really nice guys thatyou sometimes luckily come across. Very serious about his art, he is adeep […]

APC Power Protection

Uninterruptable power supplies are essential for anyone doing essential work on their computers. In far northern Queensland, in Australia, power problems are a regularpart of life. The region’s tropical weather patterns, including heavyrainfalls, lightening strikes and cyclonic winds wreak havoc onoverhead power lines, causing numerous blackouts and surges. That’s whyCairns-based freelance photographer, John Bujack, relies […]

Profile – Joel Seah – â

Joel Seah is a printmaker who is making full use of the potentials offered by the digital domain. Growing up in a Chinese family in Singapore, where emphasis was placedon occidental thought, Joel’s work has evolved as: “the ideal processthrough which he can interrogate the dichotomies of Eastern and Westernthat have shaped my outlook, both […]

Introduction to 3D Modelling and Rendering, Part 2 â

An introduction to 3D for those new to it. 3D software offers many options in how we represent, and thus create,the objects that go into our scenes.  In this part of the coursewe examine basic object representations. What Sorts of Objects In most real scenes, the objects that we might want toincorporate will be complex.  […]