Simple Lighting Equipment for Digital Photography – Tungsten Lighting

Good photography is often about good lighting and in all the noise about studio flash and advanced lighting the old favourite, tungsten, often gets forgotten. With all the hype about studio flash and the built-in flashcapabilities of modern digital cameras there is little attention paidto an old yet faithful technology, tungsten. Yet tungsten has much […]

Shooting Real Infra-Red With Digital Cameras

All digital cameras can shoot infrared shots with the use of a filter. Infra-red film has been (and still is) quite widely used both inscientific photography and in more creative forms of photography, whereboth areas make use of the very different tonalities (and colours)produced. What is not widely known is that most, if not all, […]

Introduction to 3D Modelling and Rendering, Part 1 â

An introduction to 3D for those new to it. What is 3D? For those of us used to working in Photoshop and Illustrator it isimportant to realise that all that work is 2D, or two-dimensional.Photographs of real objects or painting them from scratch in Painter,they are still 2D. This is because we are either working […]

[X]periment ’05 Design Conference

[X]periment ’05 is a bi-annual national design conference organised by the Design Institute of Australia (DIA), and held in Adelaide. [X]periment ’05 is a bi-annual national design conference organised bythe Design Institute of Australia (DIA), and held in Adelaide. This year’s [X]periment conference will include a stimulating range ofevents focusing on the theme of multi-disciplinary […]


In the last two years, through the sale of donated artwork at the annual Basefield exhibition, they’ve raised over $15,000 for local children’s charities here in Melbourne. Press Release In the last two years, through the sale of donated artwork at theannual Basefield exhibition, we’ve raised over $15,000 for localchildren’s charities here in Melbourne. It […]

Issues in Digital Camera Design

In this interview we talk to several people with a deep knowledge of digital camera design. While the interview is now two years old, the information in it is still highly relevant. As professional photography moves from being predominantly film basedto predominantly digital, many of us are struggling to come to termswith the key issues […]

David Ho

David Ho is a digital artist who creates very painterly images using Poser. I became aware of David Ho’s art work preparing our coverage of the2001 International Digital Art Awards. Again, while judging the 2002IDAA this time, his work jumped out at me and screamed for attention.Dealing with the inner, esoteric and personal aspects of […]

Viewfinder Australia Photo Library

Viewfinder Australia offer Australian images in CD collections. Viewfinder Australia is a dinky-die Aussie group of photographers up inQueensland. They currently have about eight CD collections available.Each has 104 images, both as high resolution JPEG and medium resolutionCMYK TIFF. Viewfinder’s images are large – 30MB+ in RGB and are pricedat a level significantly lower than […]