Brand Your Business Wherever and Whenever You Use Your Notebook

Company creates a new marketing tool and anti-theft deterrent

Laptop Design USA is an American company that offers the service of
custom painting your laptop or notebook computers to present a unique
and strong corporate brand. Laptop Design has developed a high quality
process to apply a durable, automotive-quality finish to the exterior
top surface, without touching the computer’s internal parts or
affecting the manufacturer’s warranty .  The company’s paint
specialists can match virtually any color to produce matte, high gloss
and metallic finishes.   Using a customer’s proprietary
colors, logos and trademarks, Laptop Design provides custom designed
layouts for the greatest visual appeal. The outer shell of the laptop
is removed, painted and then coated with several layers of clear
coating to create a strong, durable and colorful finish to your laptop.

“The first reaction we receive is ‘why hasn’t someone thought of this
before”, said Peder Blohm, the company’s founder and a veteran marketer
and international branding specialist. It is estimated that more than
15 million laptops were sold in the U.S. in 2004, and sales are
projected to steadily increase over the next few years.  At the
same time, laptop theft also increased to nearly half a million units.

“The interest in branding laptops depends on who we talk to within each
organization,” said Blohm.  “Marketing people understand the value
of branding, while accountants and administrators see its value in
reducing loss and theft.” The average replacement cost of a laptop
computer is estimated to be $5,000, which includes hardware, software,
and peripherals plus the cost of time for the laptop owner while the
computer is being replaced.  An even greater cost is the potential
exposure and liability that results from lost confidential

The branding opportunity presented by laptop lids is underutilized and
is usually limited to some stickers and the computer manufacturer’s
brand. Yet the lid of the laptop offers a portable ‘billboard’ to get
your message across or to just reinforcing branding. Whilst some
hobbyists have been custom painting their notebooks, there has not been
an organized way for less do-it-yourself oriented people to get it
done. Laptop Design looks like a good service.

About Laptop Design USA, LLC

Laptop Design USA, LLC is the first company in the United States to
provide branding of laptop computers as a marketing tool to build name
recognition and for anti-theft protection.   Laptop Design
works in partnership with computer manufacturers, major integrators and
distributors to brand laptops and notebooks for their customers. 
The company also directly services a variety of companies,
universities, government agencies and others that want increased
visibility and security.  For more information, visit


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