Nikon announces 10-Megapixel Nikon D200 Digital SLR

10-Megapixels for poster-size enlargements Press Release Nikon Corporation and Australian distributor Maxwell Optical Industriesare pleased to announce the introduction of the D200. Combiningnewly-developed Nikon technologies with advanced features, the D200 isa precision-engineered, high-performance digital SLR designed tosatisfy the requirements of passionate and demanding photographers. Employing a new 10.2 effective megapixel Nikon DX Format CCD imagesensor, […]

The New Olympus 10x Zoom camera

The SP-500UZ offers a 10x optical zoom and 6 million pixels in an impressive package The new SP-500UZ seems to be a pretty impressive package. Six millionpixels and a 10x optical zoom with a decent maximum aperture may makethis a great camera for parents of sporting children, as well asphotography enthusiasts. Main features: 6.0 million […]

Georgia Tech Developing Way to Stop Digital Cameras

In a move that might help out those celebrities who get caught with their pants down (or doing something else embarrassing), researchers are working on a way to stop a digital camera getting a picture. G.I.T. researchers are developing a technology that can block a digital camera from taking a useable picture. The technology works […]

The Swivel Is Back

Swivel-mounted 10x zoom Nikon Coolpix S4 combines outstanding performance with ease of use Press Release Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of theCOOLPIX S4, which along with the Coolpix S3 represents the latest inthe new Nikon “S series” of elegant, lightweight Coolpix cameras. Astylish camera designed for active people, the Coolpix S4 packs […]

What the New Canon Releases Mean, Part 2

Canon’s Point and Shoot Cameras In the point and shoot digital area, Canon have many more competitorsthan in dSLRs. Many of these are highly effective companies producinggreat products. The latest releases from Canon build on an already strong range. TheElph (IXUS) models have always been a favorite and the new releasesexpand the offerings in this […]

Starting Out – Film versus Digital Cameras

This article explores grain and noise, how they relate and other issues in choosing between film and digital capture. There are two ways to capture images photographically, use a film camera and scan or use a digital camera. Film Film is certainly, on the surface, the cheapest option. You probably already have a film camera […]