New 100% color pigment formula can use the same ICC profiles as OEM inks, and users can enjoy the same color workflow they have been using with OEM inks and save 65% or more in costs.
Press Release

Vermont PhotoInkjet, LLC announced today the immediate availability of their proprietary color ink formulation which replicates the color space of EPSON’s Ultrachrome K3 ink technology. The ConeColor inks for EPSON Ultrachrome K3 printers do not require any color management, and can be used with existing ICC profiles. Users can simply plug this new ink set into their existing color workflow and make prints with acceptable color results. ConeColor ink shares the same pigment technology as Piezography® K7 inks and that makes them extremely fade resistant and non-damaging to EPSON print heads.

Vermont PhotoInkjet, LLC’s flagship product is Piezography, a managed system of monochromatic inks and profiles, and is the only system of its kind in the industry, and is known as being the highest-standard product for printing black and white photographs using EPSON printers. “Establishing ourselves in a color market dominated by other companies requires a sensitivity to the needs of customers and a product that was innovative like Piezography”, said Jon Cone, President of Vermont PhotoInkjet, LLC. “The overwhelming complaint of third-party color users is that they need special ICC profiles or have to purchase expensive color management software” he added. Instead ConeColor users can simply plug in the new ink set and continue to print with the same color gamut. They can even use the same ICC profiles they use with EPSON ink.

“We are in a unique position to formulate a color ink because we developed a proprietary process for our monochromatic pigments that is easily adapted to color pigments” said Geoff Spence, Director of Research and Development at Vermont PhotoInkjet, LLC. “We were able to quickly create a color ink formulation that was as non-clogging as the OEM and performed to the longevity expectations of its current users.” He added, “The trick was in creating a color space that emulated the OEM and that was a long slow process.”

An additional benefit of using ConeColor inks and the refillable cartridge system is its immediate impact on the environment. Currently, EPSON does not have a recycling or refilling plan in place for their inkjet cartridges. “Hundreds of thousands of EPSON carts are being thrown into US landfills and it’s so unnecessary, and an even worse impact is that the carts require and contain a semi-conductor chip,” warned Cone. Because a ConeColor customer may need only one refillable cartridge set for the life of their printer, they will be dramatically reducing the amount of plastic cartridges being thrown out that would otherwise find their way into local landfills. Also, they are doing their part to protect semi-conductor workers worldwide who have one of the largest percentages of health effects and children with birth defects.

ConeColor inks for EPSON Ultrachrome K3 printers is available in one liter bottles with a corresponding set of user refillable carts made of high quality ABS plastic. The cost per ml is only 18¢ compared to 50¢ with the OEM. Each one-liter bottle is priced at $184.00 retail. A set of ABS refillable cartridges is available for the EPSON 4800, 7800 and 9800 printers priced at $398.00 retail. ConeColor inks are available immediately from Vermont PhotoInkjet, LLC is seeking resellers for its products and they can find more information at

Vermont PhotoInkjet, LLC is a small company located in the rural village of East Topsham, Vermont and is well renowned worldwide for its Piezography brand of monochromatic inks and software. It operates on the world-wide-web as Jon Cone is President of Vermont PhotoInkjet, LLC and Cone Editions Press (est. 1980) and is recognized as being the world’s first digital printmaker who single-handedly revolutionized digital printmaking in the 1990s as the Marketing and Development Partner of IRIS Graphics. Jon Cone has mostly been known as a monochromatic ink formulator, but created one of the earliest fade-resistant color ink sets for ink jet printing as well as the first multi-toning black and white ink sets for ink jet printing.