Control Your Camera By iPhone

onOne Software have made a new release of their iPhone software that allows you to control your Canon or Nikon camera so long as it is connected to a WiFi enabled computer.

This software, called DSLR Camera Remote Professional or Lite, does so much more than be a remote release. It can provide remote viewing on cameras with LiveView, intervalvometer functions (long exposures or sequences of exposures at set time intervals), adjust camera settings and review taken images. It now supports creating exposure bracket sequences that exceed what the camera can do by itself.

The applications of such are huge, from effective self-portrait shooting to remote hooting of sports or other events to increasing camera function via the HDR bracketing support, etc.

You do need the camera tethered to a wiFi enabled computer (Mac or Windows), like a Netbook or Notebook and a suitable camera (which covers most Canon and Nikon dSLR models). Price is US$19.95 for the Pro version and US$1.95 for the more limited Lite version. Definitely work it for iPhone users. I’ll be buying my copy next month when I upgrade to an iPhone.

2 thoughts on “Control Your Camera By iPhone”

  1. Anyone know of an app that does this with the old, venerable A-series cameras? For example, the Canon A70?

    1. Wayne Cosshall

      The issue is probably not the app but the connection to the camera to trigger the cable release. I don’t know of any that support the mechanical cable release triggers of most older cameras

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