Delkin has 200 year life burnable Blu-ray disks

Delkin Launches the Longest Lasting Archival Blu-ray Disc Able To Burn 25GB of Data in Only 23 Minutes!
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Delkin Devices is now shipping Archival Gold® Blu-ray (BD-R) recordable media, the first archival Blu-ray (BD-R) disc guaranteed to preserve data safely for over 200 years. Delkin Blu-ray (BD-R) discs feature an unprecedented 200 year longevity rating, as well as a market-leading 4x write speed, enabling users to burn 25GB of data in only 23 minutes. Proprietary ScratchArmor(TM) scratch-proof coating protect the discs over fifty times better then typical coatings found on other optical discs, making Delkin Blu-ray the most durable in the market.

“Professional photographers, police officers, scientists, medical professionals, lawyers, business owners and others need a reliable way to back up and archive their data” explains Product Manager Anna Lopez. “Delkin Blu-ray (BD-R) discs are manufactured in small batches to ensure an unparalleled degree of quality; our careful manufacturing processes and high standards are what enable our discs to last.”

A single Blu-ray disc is able to store 25GB of data, which is more capacity than 5 DVDs or 33 CDs can provide. Unlike other Blu-ray recordable discs, Delkin Archival Gold® Blu-ray is guaranteed to preserve data safely for over 200 years and can withstand the effects of UV light, heat and humidity without damage to the disc. This is largely due to the patented “phase-change” recording materials that enable astonishing durability and unwavering recording properties over a long period of time. The unprecedented 4x speed rating enables a burn that is at least twice as fast as any other Blu-ray disc, while the ScratchArmor(TM) scratch-proof coating provides complete protection from scratches, fingerprints, dye, dust, static and more. There is no other disc available that can provide a longer lifespan, a faster burn speed, or a higher level of damage protection.

“Delkin is committed to providing customers with products that are at the forefront of new technology and innovation,” explains CEO Martin Wood. “Now that the battle between HD DVD and Blu-ray media has come to an end, we are excited to offer an archival Blu-ray (BD-R) product that exceeds our customers’ expectations and fits in with our current line of Archival Gold media.”

BD-R media represents the next generation of optical storage, and the official successor to the DVD. Initially developed for studio use with High Definition video, its use has quickly expanded into the gaming, home theater, and PC market. Since BD drives are backwards compatible with DVD and CD media, the marketplace is quickly adapting to the newest optical disc format. BD reader/writers are now bundled as the standard disc drive in a growing number of affordable computers, and in basic home stereo units at mass retailers across the U.S.

Delkin archival BD-R discs are manufactured according to the official specifications outlined by the Blu-ray Disc Association and have unparallel support from all BD recorders and writers in the market; they are considered as one of the industry benchmarks for recordable BD media. Delkin BD-R discs are available in a variety of packages, including a single jewel case, a five disc binder, a ten disc spindle, or a 25 disc spindle, and can be purchased immediately at a variety of fine retailers internationally. Go to for more information or to purchase directly from Delkin Devices.

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Delkin Devices, Inc. is based in Poway, California, and its European branch office is located in Birmingham, England. Delkin has been “Making Photography Better” since 1986. From SensorScope cleaning products and Archival Gold Media to Pop-Up Shades and Power batteries, Delkin products deliver premium quality, innovative designs and an ongoing dedication to superior customer service. Delkin Devices and its products have become worldwide industry leaders in both OEM and consumer markets. Delkin branded memory cards continue to be a leading choice among professional photographers and others passionate about digital photography.

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