DIMi Is Now A Magazine

Yes, it is here. digital imageMaker international is now out as a magazine featuring profiles and interviews with leading photographers and digital artists of our time.

digital imageMaker international 01 brings you some of the world’s best photography and digital art in book form. This volume in an ongoing series brings you portrait photography by Nadia Salameh, art by Bonny Lhotka and David J. Bookbinder, insect photography by Jane Davenport, generative art by Don Relyea and a profile of the Digital Art Guild. Stunning images will stimulate and delight you while insightful interviews will educate and inform.

DIMi is available in three forms at the moment: print, PDF and eBook.

Print and PDF distribution is being handled by MagCloud

It is available for the Kindle from Amazon

It is available in all eBook formats from Smashwords

It is in the Apple ebook store

digital imageMaker international

By Wayne Cosshall in digital imageMaker international

60 pages, published 12 DEC 2011

DIMi brings you profiles of leading photographers and digital artists from around the world, with insightful interviews. Discover how the top photographers and artists work, their thought processes, favourite techniques and much more.

10 thoughts on “DIMi Is Now A Magazine”

  1. Waiting for my turn to be published. Will that be in 2099? 🙂

    Congrats on the new mag! Best,

    1. Definitely not that long. I’m on a brisk publication schedule now I’ve sorted out the best way to do it. Stay tuned.

  2. Big round of applause for the new magazine… I’ll make mention of it on my blog and on the new Digital Artists of Maine Facebook Page that I’ve created!

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