ExposureManager Announces Premium Subscription

New features help photographers improve their presence on the Internet and increase their profits from the sale of their photography; upgrade incentives now available

ExposureManager (http://www.exposuremanager.com), a customizable full-service online sales resource for photographers, announces a new Premium Subscription service created to help increase print and merchandise sales for photographers. ExposureManager’s behind-the-scenes marketing support provides a convenient e-commerce solution for busy photographers through every step from order placement to print production and shipping of the final product.

“Traditionally, photographers interested in selling their work online were required to have a separate website in addition to their online gallery service. Now they can use ExposureManager for their entire Web presence. This will let photographers spend their time more profitably behind the camera,” said Donovan Janus, CEO of ExposureManager. “Our new premium subscription allows our users to have an individually branded homepage, a portfolio page, pricing page and more as well as advanced e-mail marketing tools.”

With ExposureManager’s new premium subscription, photographers now have the tools they need to convert potential customers into actual customers. Starting in March, photographers will be able to:

* see the favorites and shopping cart contents of their customers
* easily send e-mail blasts to customers based on a variety of filters
* schedule automated e-mail reminders for customers who selected favorites or cart contents but who have not purchased yet
* send out automated thank you e-mails after orders have been shipped and received
* With any e-mail that gets sent out, photographers can provide a unique coupon code to further encourage their customers to return for additional purchases

The monthly price to subscribe to ExposureManager’s premium package is $24.99 and the yearly price is $249.99. And if current subscribers upgrade to the yearly account in January, they will receive $150 worth of free print processing.

About ExposureManager

Headquartered in Torrance, California, ExposureManager was established in 2004 by Donovan Janus and Rhesa Rozendaal. ExposureManager is a full-service online sales resource that makes it easy for photographers to sell their images via their online galleries/storefronts and then fulfill those orders with their in-house processing lab. ExposureManager deducts a nominal commission as its fee from the retail price of each sale. That commission covers credit card processing fees. ExposureManager then sends a check to the account holder at the beginning of each month. For more information visit http://www.exposuremanager.com.

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