FodeoFlip – A Flippin’ Great Idea!

Low cost laptop personalizationPatent-pending FodeoFlip is the answer to a focus group of high school students who wanted to decorate the outside of their laptop computers. An 8×10 inch lightweight vinyl with a Post-It type of adhesive backing, the FodeoFlip acts as a frame to hold personal photo prints onto the laptop. Photos can be changed out as often as the user wants.

“Most of our current business comes from corporate promotions, and Honda was looking for 25,000 items for a promotion they were sponsoring for graduating high school seniors,” says Valarie Moody, President of Fodeo. “At the time, we didn’t have anything we could sell at the price point they were looking for. So we did a focus group.”

A lightweight vinyl, FodeoFlips come in several available designs that act as a “frame” for personal photo prints the user wants to show off. Simply place the FodeoFlip on the laptop, flip up one corner to place the photos, then flip the corner back down. Photos can be changed out as often as the user wants.

The repositional adhesive along the perimeter of the FodeoFlip holds the photos and the FodeoFlip in place without damaging the photos or leaving a residue on the laptop.

“We expect the FodeoFlip to have about a 6-month lifespan before needing to be replaced,” Moody adds. “With a low suggested retail cost of $4.99, it’s very cost effective to change styles often.”

Other hybrid products to be launched at PMA ’09 include a mini FodeoFlip designed to hold a 4×6 photo on dorm room or bedroom walls., “College students are limited by what they can do to decorate their dorm rooms. They are fined heavily if they damage walls with nails or tape, so the easily removable mini FodeoFlip is a great solution to making a dorm room seem like home,” Moody says. “Our designer bundle packed with a variety of designs within a color scheme makes it simple and affordable to cover an entire wall with photos of friends and family.”
About Fodeo: Fodeo is a 4-year-old company that began as a retail concept specializing in photo montages for personal use and transfers of old media to DVD. With the growing popularity of each new Fodeo product, however, the focus of the company changed to selling services and products via the promotions industry and retail outlets.

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