Manfrotto Launches New Do It Yourself Photo Kits

New D.I.Y. Kits Give the Enthusiast Shooter the Tools to Master At-Home Photo Projects
Manfrotto, a world leading manufacturer of professional photo and video support products, today introduced its D.I.Y. series of comprehensive at home photography kits. Designed for the enthusiast, the D.I.Y. series comprises four kits, each of which combines specific Manfrotto support products that work together as a system to assure optimal lighting results for the most common and sought after photo applications.

FABRIC BACKGROUND HOME KIT (DIY01KIT) – Manfrotto’s Fabric Background Home Kit is the ideal solution for portrait photography. This kit includes everything a shooter needs to assemble an easy-to-use lighting setup at home. The DIY01KIT includes:

  • 314B kit: supports and perfectly holds the proper background
  • 004BAC stand, 024B boom: position and support umbrella for diffusing the main light
  • 052BAC stand: position and support the fill light diffused by a soft-box
  • 003 base, D700B collapsible arm: support and position reflector to help fill in shadows

PAPER BACKGROUND HOME KIT (DIY02KIT) – Manfrotto’s Paper Background Home Kit is an all-in-one system for companies and individuals looking to photograph their own products for use in the production of marketing materials or on web sites to help increase sales. The DIY02KIT is based on the Manfrotto Autopole system, allowing for the use of up to three different paper backgrounds. The DIY02KIT includes:

  • (2) 032B Autopole, (2) 032SPL spirit level, (3) Expan 046, (3) 062-2 counterweight: supports up to three different backgrounds, each of which can be unrolled using colored chains
  • 008BU stand, 025BSL boom: position and support umbrella for diffusing the main light
  • 004BAC stand: position and support the fill light diffused by a soft-box

EVENT KIT (DIY03KIT) – Manfrotto’s Event Kit gives photographers the right support products to help properly light their subjects at social gatherings or parties. The DIY03KIT includes:

  • 233B bracket, 026 swivel: gives the photographer the ability to rotate and move the flash unit away up to 17.7 inches
  • 003 base, D705B collapsible arm: support and position reflector to help fill in shadows

STILL LIFE TABLE HOME KIT (DIY04KIT) – Manfrotto’s Still Life Table Home Kit is a unique setup for taking brilliant product photography. Whether you’re shooting images of new products for your own business or are simply shooting objects of your hobby, the DIY04KIT combines the right Manfrotto support products to get the job done right.

The DIY04KIT includes:

  • 320B still-life table: easy to assemble and occupies minimum space
  • 004BAC stand, 024B boom, 018 wheels: position and support soft-box for diffusing the main light
  • Accessories for further lighting control, including: 013 adapter spigot, 237 flex arm, (4) 386B Nano Clamp, 819-1 Hydrostatic Arm, 175 spring clamp, (2) 035 Super Clamp, 244N variable friction arm, I1550KIT (Dot & Finger Kit)

US Pricing:
DIY01KIT – $705.00 (list)
DIY02KIT – $1,460.00 (list)
DIY03KIT – $195.00 (list)
DIY04KIT – $1,660.00 (list)

About Manfrotto:
Gruppo Manfrotto are world leaders in the manufacture of professional camera and lighting supports for photography, video, broadcast and entertainment.  For 35 years, Manfrotto has been building the world’s widest range of tripods, heads and dedicated accessories to support professional and semi-professional still cameras, from the traditional small, medium and large format to the latest digital camera.  Every product in the Manfrotto range is designed to provide a perfect combination of important features such as: load capacity, size, stability, transportability, interchangeability and construction quality – guaranteeing unique inimitable reliability and longevity.

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