Metz Launches New Wireless Macro Slave Flash

New Metz Mecablitz 15 MS-1 Digital Ensures Balanced and Precise Lighting
Metz, a world leading manufacturer of high performance flash technology, today announced the Mecablitz 15 MS-1 digital, an innovative wireless macro slave flash designed specifically digital photographers.  It is the world’s only flash with built-in, wireless TTL slave functionality from the most popular camera manufacturers. No matter which digital TTL is used, the Metz 15 MS-1 can be intelligently linked.

The Mecablitz 15 MS-1 digital is fully compatible with digital TTL remote systems from Canon, Nikon/Fujifilm, Pentax/Samsung, Olympus/Panasonic, and Sony, and can be operated as a TTL slave unit that is controlled by the camera’s built-in commander mode, a manufacturer’s flash with master capabilities, or from a Metz 58 AF-1. Manual flash operation can also be carried out by using a synchronous cable. Additionally, the Mecablitz 15 MS-1 digital learns autonomously when used in the conventional slave mode.  Its learning function ensures that the small slave flash is reliably triggered every time by the flash integrated in the camera – even when a ranging pre-flash is used. In this case, the light amount emitted can be varied across six light levels.

Equipped with two individually-controllable, swiveling reflectors integrated in the housing, the new Mecablitz 15 MS-1 Digital wireless macro-flash ensures balanced and precise lighting and maximizes the scope for customizing light arrays in the macro area. With its individually variable reflectors (0°-20°) and the highly-sensitive light distribution, there are virtually no limits to personal creativity.

Metz Macro Flash

The Mecablitz 15 MS-1 digital is lightweight and compact and can affix to most standard lenses though the use of a screw-in lens attachment mechanism. The Mecablitz 15 MS-1 digital is sold complete with, 52mm, 55mm, and 58mm adapter rings, a carrying case, as well as a diffuser disc for applications requiring softer light. Optional adapter ring sizes, including 62mm, 67mm, and 72mm, are sold separately as an accessory. Adding to the Mecablitz 15 MS-1 digital’s ease of use is an easy-to-read DOT matrix display, which provides the shooter with a readout of current flash settings.

Metz also incorporated the state-of-the-art USB connectivity found on its AF-1 series in the 15 MS-1. The flash’s USB connection allows photographers to stay current and effortlessly make firmware updates via the Internet. Previously, flash units needed to be packaged and sent away for servicing in order to be updated with the latest software from camera manufacturers. With the Metz USB interface, shooters can now make such updates from their own computer, ensuring that they will have the most up to date and highest performing flash for each shot and that they will never have to be without a flash.

The Mecablitz 15 MS-1 digital macro-slave flash features a guide number of 15 meters (50 Feet) and for added versatility, is powered by readily available AAA batteries.

15 MS-1 Digital
Street Price: US$399.95

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