New HP Large Format Printers at Photokina

September 26th marks the launch date for the new Z large format printers from HP and a number of significant people will be there to help HP launch them.
The new HP large format printers, which HP consider to provide a printing revolution and which I worked with on a recent trip to Barcelona, are to be launched on September 26th at Photokina. Certainly from my experience with them I believe HP are right that these printers offer a significant revolution in large format printing.

Present with HP and related companies at Photokina are:

  • Martin Parr, Magnum Photos
  • Thomas Hoepker, Magnum Photos
  • Mark Alberhasky, Nikon Nature photographer (and one of our columnists
  • Francis Hills, Hasselblad Celebrity photographer
  • Dan J. Cox, Nikon Nature photographer

The HP experience forum will run at Photokina over the 27th to the 29th of September, providing a number of events with the above speakers plus other products, such as Apple Aperture, color workflows by X-Rite and Adobe Lightroom. Thirty-minute presentations run on every hour from 11am to 5pm. The presentations are in English and take place in Congress-Saal Section III, in Congress Center Ost.

Whilst I can’t say more about the printers until September 26th, I can say my personal experience with them suggests that these will be very significant printers for photographers, digital artists and graphic designers and offer an unparalleled level of flexibility and quality of result.