New Website for Artists, Galleries and Collectors is a new website for the US fine art market.
Press Release

Announcing the official launch of! is a FREE interactive website created specifically for the fine art industry.  The site is designed to bring together artists, art galleries, and fine-art collectors by providing powerful online tools to all three groups!

For artists and art galleries, provides an unprecedented opportunity for you to promote your artwork, advertise your events, and gain exposure to a national audience of fine-art collectors.

As a member of the site, you will gain access to an online control panel which will allow you to:

1.  build a comprehensive profile page which includes your logo / headshot and a description of your gallery / biography
2.  upload your artwork, complete with images, titles, keywords, sizes, and prices
3.  advertise your upcoming events
4.  issue online press releases
5.  view questions and quote requests from fine-art collectors throughout the U.S.
6.  post job openings in the fine art industry
7.  participate in our online discussion forum
… and much more! is not simply another fine art directory… it is a visually stunning website packed full of one-of-a-kind features!  A detailed list of these features is included below:

One of the most powerful features of the site is its ability to automatically detect a visitor’s geographic location.  When you visit our website, we automatically identify your location in the U.S. and then display content that is designed specifically for your location!  I encourage you to visit and see this ‘localization’ in action.  If you live in Chicago, for instance, our site will automatically tailor itself to the Chicago area.  If you were to view our list of featured art galleries, you would automatically see galleries that are located near Chicago!  Similarly, if you were to view our list of upcoming events, the list would be sorted with Chicago-area events at the top!  This ensures that local events and promotions never get lost amidst a long list of distant, unrelated events.

All of the content that you see on is posted / maintained by our registered artists and art galleries using their online control panels… absolutely everything.  If you are a member and you want to post one of your new releases, for instance, you would simply login to your control panel and click on ‘my artwork’.  The control panel would then walk you through uploading a picture of the artwork, describing the artwork, and listing the available sizes / prices.  To learn more about how to get started on and to see how easy it is to create beautiful content using our control panel, please take an artist tour or a gallery tour by clicking on one of the following links: or  

All of the information that you post on our website will be fully searchable using our proprietary search engine.  This includes your name (or gallery name), your biography (or gallery description), your artwork, your press releases, your upcoming events, and your job openings.  Our search engine is truly unique, and I encourage you to try it out.  Try searching for ‘Thomas Arvid’, for instance, and see what comes up!

On the 1st and 15th of every month, we e-mail a unique newsletter to all of our registered fine art collectors.   The newsletter features artists, artwork, jobs, press releases, and events that have been posted on our site during the previous two weeks.   This is a great way to introduce your newest releases and upcoming events to an interested audience.   Each collector receives a customized newsletter which prominently features events that will be occurring in their area (see AUTOMATIC LOCATION DETECTION).

In order to help you increase the visibility of your artwork and your online profile page, you can link your profile to other profiles.  For instance, if you are an art gallery, you can link your gallery to all of your artists who are members our site.  Once you create the link, your gallery will be featured on the artist’s profile page.  In addition, anytime a visitor views artwork by that artist, your gallery information will appear!  Everything is based on distance – if you are the closest gallery, you will get top billing.  This same ‘linking’ works for artists, as well  –  simply link your profile to all of your galleries, and you will be listed on their profile pages.

QUOTATION INTERFACE allows art collectors to post questions and quote requests on a secure page of our website.  At the end of each day, these questions and requests are e-mailed to all of our registered artists and art galleries.  If the question / request pertains to your artwork or your area of expertise, you can contact the art collector and introduce yourself.  This unique feature places you in contact with art collectors at the very moment when they are shopping for new artwork – there is no better time to introduce yourself!

All of these powerful features are available for FREE!  When you sign up for your free account, you will receive a login name and password which will allow you to start building your online profile and posting your artwork, events, press releases, and more!  Each member may post up to 25 pieces of artwork during their first month.  After the first month, you may post an additional 10 pieces for each month of membership.  In addition, you may post up to 25 events, 15 press releases, and 5 job openings at any given time.  These numbers are fixed in order to encourage you to delete old content (e.g. old events) in order to make room for new content.  You will have complete control over all of your online content and can change your artwork, events, etc. at any time using your control panel. provides a truly unique opportunity to build national awareness of your business and your artwork while simultaneously ensuring that your local events are well-promoted to a local audience.  We hope you will find our site and our online tools to be extremely valuable.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at