New filter system

New filter system from French maker Cokin suits both still and video, film and digital photography
French camera
filter specialist Cokin, has announced the release of the
new Cokin Z-PRO Filter Holder, suitable for both film and digital
cameras, in particular D-SLRs and video/broadcast cameras (including
the new HD format).

It is modular, it can be easily dismantled, and it’s set-up to be able
to accept filters of 1.6mm thickness (which most photographers use),
and 4.0mm thickness, used in the Broadcast segment in dimensions such
as 100x100mm (4″x4″) and 100x150mm (4″x6″).

The Z-PRO Filter Holder will fit a large variety of lenses thanks to a
range of adaptor rings covering the common lens diameters of 49mm up to
96mm. Additional rings designed for Hasselblad® B60/B70 and Rollei® are
also available.

The entire Z-PRO system is ideal for the latest generation of Digital SLR and Video cameras (HDV).

The Z-PRO range of filters is made of organic glass with a very high
optical transmission rating. It includes over 90 different filters
designed to satisfy the needs of professional photographers and
videographers. The range includes Correction/Conversion filters,
Graduated filters, filters for Black & White, Soft filters, Neutral
Density filters, etc.

Totally reversible Holder

To prevent the risk of vignetting (dark edges around the picture), the
Z-PRO series Filter Holder is fully reversible, which means that a
filter can fit in the adaptor ring’s slot and the adaptor ring can be
fit in the first filter slot. Therefore the filter can be positioned
very close to the lens and the edges of the holder are clear of the
field of view.

Eliminates vignetting over 20mm focal lengths

The Z-PRO filter-holder was tested (in the standard 3-slot version) and
created no vignetting on focal lengths down to 20mm (based on 35mm
format). This can be extended further in the wide-angle configurations.


The Z-PRO range also includes a storage wallet for 5 filters, and a
choice of two filter kits including widely-used graduating

Australian pricing:


Pro Grad Kit: Filter holder, wallet, Z121L, Z123L and Z125L filters: RRP $225.00

Pro Grad ND Kit: Filter holder, wallet, Z121L, Z121M, Z121S, Z306  (ND2) (ND4) (ND8): RRP $275.00

For other countries please check your local distributor.

The Z-PRO COKIN System is totally compatible with following brand SYSTEMS:


Cokin Z

Leica Digital-Modul-R Back to ship June 15th

Leica has announced the shipping date for the Digital-Modul-R back
Deliveries of the LEICA DIGITAL-MODUL-R will start on June 15th 2005.

The digital addition to the Leica R SLR range, developed in cooperation with Denmark’s Imacon A/S and Kodak’s sensor business Kodak ISS has now met the testing and acceptance conditions of Leica Camera AG and is now ready to market. ?The quality of the digital photographs taken with the LEICA DIGITAL-MODUL-R is even better than they expected, by reports. “Our customers had to wait longer than planned for the unique digital solution from Leica, but are now rewarded with an outstanding product”,? says Mario Thurnherr, Manager of Leica Camera’s Photo Division.

The back is the first and only (so far) digital back that is designed to fit on a 35mm format camera exclusively. Other manufacturers have taken the line that, since the sensor is usually the most expensive part of a digital camera, it is more cost effective to just have two camera bodies if you need to shoot both film and digital. Leica is marching to a different drum.

AgfaPhoto goes insolvent

The insolvency of AgfaPhoto has been announced.
AgfaPhoto has filed in Germany for insolvency. It is unclear at this time how it will affect operations worldwide.

Effective November 2, 2004, Agfa-Gevaert sold its consumer imaging business to a group of investors in a management buy out/in. Since then the consumer imaging business has been operated through a group of companies under the name of AgfaPhoto. The AgfaPhoto group is a private group of companies owned by management, NannO Beteiligungsholding and a small number of financial investors.

This sale followed on a fall of 18% of film in 2004 that tended to suggest ongoing cost problems for Agfa-Gevaert if they held onto this division. The sale has allowed Agfa-Gevaert to concentrate on its profitable operations, in areas like prepress.

Agfa-Gevaert provides AgfaPhoto group companies with distribution, order fulfillment, after sales and other services until the end of 2005.

In addition, at the time of the management buy out/in on November 2, 2004, Agfa-Gevaert granted a secured vendor loan for the full purchase price. Based on Agfa Gevaert’s audited financial statement, the purchase price was set at 112 million Euros, which is still subject to an audit of the closing financials by the purchaser. The vendor loan is fully secured by a lease portfolio held by AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH, the parent company of the AgfaPhoto group. AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH is not implicated in the insolvency filing of AgfaPhoto GmbH. Agfa-Gevaert therefore does not expect the insolvency filing by AgfaPhoto to have a material effect on Agfa-Gevaert.