PENTAX Announces K2000 Digital SLR System, Two DA Star High Performance Lenses and Ring Flash

PENTAX Imaging Company has announced the PENTAX K2000 DSLR system designed specifically for consumers who are ready to make the transition from a point-and-shoot digital camera to digital SLR photography.

Press Release

PENTAX K2000 is an entry-level system consisting of the new PENTAX K2000
body, the smc PENTAX DA L 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL lens,(a) and the PENTAX
AF200FG Auto Flash.

Bundled as a complete kit for the convenience of the customer, the
PENTAX K2000 system offers uncomplicated operation for new digital SLR
users and family photographers seeking high-quality digital SLR
photography for the first time. Combining PENTAX developed, easy-to-use
Auto Picture modes as well as powerful learning functions all housed in
one of the smallest, lightest camera bodies in its class, the PENTAX
K2000 system is ideal for digital SLR beginners. Additional features on
the newest digital K2000 SLR body include a 10.2 megapixel CCD, a 2.7
inch, 230,000 dot high resolution, wide-view LCD panel, and an ultra
compact design that facilitates one handed operation. The body also
features the same PENTAX developed Shake Reduction technology found on
more advanced K series digital SLRs. PENTAX Shake Reduction is
compatible with more than 25 million PENTAX lenses to deliver sharp
images even when handheld at slower shutter speeds. The K2000 also
features the powerful PENTAX developed Auto Picture Mode, which selects
from Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Action, and Night Portrait modes to
tailor the camera settings for any photographic situation. The camera
also has a comprehensive Dust Removal system to help keep images
spotless. A dedicated programmable help button clearly explains current
camera settings to guide and teach the user about digital SLR

Pentax K2000 digital camera

(a) Note: The smc PENTAX DA L 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL and
smc PENTAX DA L 50-200mm f/4-5.6 ED lenses will only be available in the
US as part of the PENTAX K2000 Lens Kit or PENTAX K2000 Double Zoom Kit.

This new PENTAX digital SLR body will only be available under the
PENTAX K2000 product name in the US.
The same body will be
available under the PENTAX K-m product name outside of the US.

The lens included with the PENTAX K2000 system is the first of a new
series introduced with the DA L designation. Along with the smc PENTAX
DA L 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL lens, PENTAX is announcing the smc PENTAX DA L
50-200mm f/4-5.6 ED zoom lens. The affordable DA L series offers the
same optical design, construction and compatibility as the current smc
PENTAX DA 18-55mm II and smc PENTAX DA 50-200mm lenses. Also included
with the system is the easy-to-use PENTAX AF200FG Auto Flash. This
hot-shoe flash features a compact, lightweight body, wide angle
diffuser, a guide number of 20 (at ISO 100/m) and simple dial operation
to assure effortless flash photography for everyone.

PENTAX has also announced two high performance interchangeable lenses
for use with PENTAX digital SLR cameras to deliver top-quality digital
images. The smc PENTAX DA Star 60-250mm f/4 ED[IF]
SDM is a versatile telephoto zoom lens offering a high zoom ratio, while
the smc PENTAX DA Star 55mm f/1.4 SDM is a compact medium-telephoto lens
offering a large maximum aperture. The two lenses are the newest members
of the exclusive DA Star series, and each is designed to deliver top
optical performance. Combining a host of advanced technologies including
extra-low dispersion (ED) optical elements and PENTAX original lens
coatings, these new lenses assure outstanding image quality with clear,
high-contrast images, even at edges of the image field. These Star
lenses also feature water and dust resistant sealing for reliable
operation in inclement weather conditions, as well as the PENTAX
Quick-Shift Focus system to allow instant auto-to-manual focus
switching. The objective lens surfaces are treated with the PENTAX
original Super Protect (SP) coating. This special fluorine compound is
applied to the lens surface through a vapor deposition process to create
a surface that effectively repels dust, water and grease, making it easy
to wipe off fingerprints and cosmetic marks. The combination of special
lens coatings, ideal curvature and best positioning of optical elements
assures these lenses are designed to optimize digital imaging
characteristics, while effectively minimizing flare and ghosting.
Additionally, the DA Star 55mm f/1.4 lens also features a new Aero
Bright coating for maximum light transmission, as well as rounded
diaphragm blades to create a more circular aperture for smooth,
beautiful bokeh at large apertures. The image circle of the lenses is
perfectly proportioned to the image-sensor size of PENTAX digital SLR
cameras, and despite the large maximum aperture, the lenses are designed
to be compact and lightweight to enhance maneuverability and operability.

PENTAX also announced the PENTAX AF160FC Auto Macro Ring Flash. This
accessory flash unit is uniquely suited for advanced close-up
applications using the automatic exposure-control system of PENTAX
digital SLR cameras. Designed to offer uniform lighting on a subject to
minimize shadows, the flash is ideal for close-up, portrait, product,
dental and medical applications.

Pentax Ring Flash

All of these products will be exhibited at the PENTAX Booth during the
Photokina 2008 Trade Show from September 23
28 in Cologne, Germany. Two additional products will be previewed under
glass during the show including a fifth model in the acclaimed PENTAX DA
Limited series. The smc PENTAX DA15mm f/4 ED AL Limited lens
offers ultra-wide-angle image capture and is designed for exclusive use
with PENTAX digital SLR cameras. PENTAX will also preview the smc PENTAX
DA 1.4X SDM Rear Converter. This is the first PENTAX rear converter
equipped for autofocus operation on PENTAX digital SLR cameras, and the
product will feature the SDM autofocus drive for accurate, extra-smooth,
and super-quiet autofocus operation.

Pricing and availability(b) in the United States are as follows:

  • The PENTAX K2000 digital SLR system with smc PENTAX DA L 18-55mm
    f/3.5-5.6 AL lens and PENTAX AF200FG flash will ship in November 2008
    at US $699.95.
  • The PENTAX K2000 digital SLR system with smc PENTAX DA L 18-55mm and
    smc PENTAX DA L 50-200mm lenses will ship in early 2009.
  • The smc PENTAX DA Star 60-250mm f/4 ED[IF]
    SDM lens will ship in January 2008 at US $1499.95.
  • The smc PENTAX DA Star 55mm f/1.4 SDM lens will ship in January 2008
    at US $799.95.

  • The PENTAX AF160FC Ring Flash will ship in November 2008 at US $499.95.
  • The smc PENTAX DA 15mm f/4 ED AL Limited lens and 1.4X Rear Converter
    SDM price and availability are to be announced.

(b) Price and shipping date subject to change.

More information is available at

PENTAX Imaging Company is an innovative leader in the production of
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