Refill Your Own Laser Toner Cartridges

ReChargX Now Offers Do-It-Yourself Toner Refill Kits for 209 Hewlett Packard Printers; Money-Saving Alternative to Replacing Empty Toner Cartridges
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ReChargX, the world’s leading provider of high-yield, do-it-yourself toner refill kits for laser printers, now offers inexpensive formula-designed kits for 209 different Hewlett Packard color and black and white machines. If you can refill a saltshaker, you can refill toner in 5 minutes.

With the start of the new year, budget crunches for the home office as well as big and small business, have become a top priority. It is the maintenance expense and cost of supplies not just the equipment purchase price that must be monitored. To curb the budget eating replacement costs of empty laser printer toner cartridges, the ReChargX company has launched 2006 with inexpensive do-it-yourself toner refill kits that are formulated for 209 different Hewlett Packard color and black and white printers.

The average consumer savings on the kits is 70 percent. A graphic example is the Hewlett Packard Laserjet 4350. The list price for the replacement HP cartridge in office supply superstores is $314.82. The ReChargX toner refill kit for this model costs $64.95. End users can refill their toner cartridges two, three, four, (on some machines, even more) times -with no sacrifice in print quality. If you were to refill this HP cartridge three times, your total dollar savings on this HP model would be $749.61 on what you would have spent buying the brand-new, name-brand, higher-priced, Hewlett Packard laser printer toner cartridges from that same “office superstore.”

But, of course, there’s a catch: To save that $749.61 on three refills, you will have to make a one time purchase of a $12.95 ReChargX toolkit that makes it possible to refill any make or model of laser, fax or photocopier toner cartridge. However, a significant number of cartridges don’t even require the toolkit.

These do-it-yourself refill kits are not only kind to your budget but are fast and easy to use. If you can refill a saltshaker, you can refill your laser printer with ReChargX in five minutes. A tribute to its cleanliness factor is that the ReChargX customer base includes doctors’ offices and medical schools.

ReChargX, a company with two decades of experience in the toner industry, invented the do-it-yourself toner kit, which it now sells to customers in 85 different countries. It manufactures toner refill units for 6,000 different laser printers, fax machines and copiers. All ReChargX kits are guaranteed to meet or exceed the brand manufacturers’ original specifications.

The extensive list of the company’s custom toner formulas and pricing information for 324 different brand machines can be found online at and

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