Rethinking the Keyboard

I don’t know about you but I have a love/hate relationship with keyboards. While I use them for banging out a lot of text and prefer the tactile feedback to a physical keyboard compared to the touch keyboard on my iPad, I’ve always felt the fixed nature of their layout was problematic.

Now touch keyboards are something you can get used to and I do more on my iPad every day. But it is not quite the same, yet. They really need some sort of haptic feedback, like a small electric shock to the finger 🙂 or a vibration. The BIG plus of a touch keyboard on a screen, of course, is the ability to remap the keys as needed for the task at hand.

Art. Lebedev have finally brought out their new take on the keyboard. This one is a physical keyboard but with a 64×64 pixel LCD in each key so that you can remap the keyboard, use it for special functions and so much more. Videos can even play in the keys.

While pricy for the full keyboard, it could be just the thing for use with video editing software or Photoshop, for example.

1 thought on “Rethinking the Keyboard”

  1. Wow… what a cool idea! I think. For writing text, I still prefer a spring-action physical keyboard where I can touch-type. Don’t like the Hunt-and-Peck of the mobile devices, primarily because they’re so slow. Need to keep up with my blazing thoughts 😉 Great bit of tech news, Wayne.

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