TouchType Case for All iPads

The TouchType case is currently up on Kickstarter.

It is a leather or polyurethane case for the iPad that also has a pocket to hold an Apple Wireless Keyboard. This is a great solution because the Apple keyboard is a decent size and really nice to type on. I already use one with my iPad, so this is a no brainer.

The TouchType looks great and can hold the iPad in either landscape or portrait orientations, which is a real plus. Since the Kickstarter project has already gone way past the sought amount it will go ahead. Their website is

Unless you’ve experienced it you may find it hard to believe, but the iPad with an Apple Wireless Keyboard is a very productive combination for writing and other tasks. This case makes that even easier by bundling the two together into a really attractive and clever case.


Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6 Extended Alioscopy-Ready For No-Glasses 3D

Alioscopy enables millions of Adobe Photoshop digital imaging artists to generate Alioscopy-ready “no-glasses” 3D content. With Alioscopy’s patented technology integrated into Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended, millions of artists in the global Photoshop community will benefit from a streamlined, all-inclusive workflow to generate “no-glasses” 3D content—one of today’s fastest growing trends in digital signage, trade show and events, advertising and education
Alioscopy and Adobe CS6 Extended

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 07, 2012

Alioscopy® USA, a 3D technology provider today announced that Adobe® Systems Incorporated has integrated its Alioscopy auto-stereoscopic, 3D multi-view algorithm as a new feature in Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 Extended software. As more and more digital imaging artists create content in stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic 3D, Alioscopy offers a unique patented process for generating 8-view images for viewing and play-back on auto-stereoscopic 3D HD LCD displays.

In Photoshop CS6 Extended, anyone with a stereoscopic camera (left and right lens equipped) will be able to upload two-view images to Photoshop and convert it to multi-view (8-view) for display on an Alioscopy 3D screen—currently available in 21’’, 24”, 42”, and 47” configurations. Additionally, artists will be able to generate 3D objects directly in Photoshop or in other 3D software packages and apply the Alioscopy multi-view algorithm to create Alioscopy-ready content.

By integrating Alioscopy’s patented technology into Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended, millions of artists in the global Photoshop community will benefit from a streamlined, all-inclusive workflow to generate “no-glasses” 3D content—one of today’s fastest growing trends in digital signage, trade show and events, advertising, and education.

“Creating and integrating 3D in Photoshop over the past few years has opened many new doors and possibilities for Photoshop artists,” said Zorana Gee, Adobe Photoshop Senior Product Manager. “By incorporating the Alioscopy 3D multi-view algorithm and camera model into Photoshop CS6 Extended, we’re offering artists yet another way to generate compelling 3D images and content which adds a whole new immersive dimension to content creation and editing,” added Gee.

To learn more about how to create Alioscopy-ready auto-stereoscopic 3D content in Photoshop Creative Suite 6 Extended, and view a demonstrational tutorial, go to:

YouTube tutorial

Years in development, Alioscopy technology helps digital content creation artists, brand retailers, tradeshow exhibitors, service businesses and museums attract and captivate their audience with 3D content that has incredible depth and dimension on an LCD display fitted with a lenticular lens. Potential customers stop to view auto-stereoscopic 3D content at least twice as long as traditional 2D media, and Alioscopy-generated content in “no-glasses” 3D offers still, animated, and interactive imagery that simply can’t be ignored.

“Adobe Photoshop is a ubiquitous digital content creation tool with over a million users worldwide, and we’re thrilled to license the Alioscopy no-glasses 3D algorithm as an integrated feature in the new Photoshop CS6 Extended,” said Pia Maffei, chief operating officer for Alioscopy USA. “The majority of Alioscopy customers turn to Adobe daily to create, augment, and finish their digital images, animations, and photographs. The Alioscopy 3D toolset is a powerful way to import, convert, create, and edit ‘no-glasses’ 3D content that will be Alioscopy-ready,” added Maffei.

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About Alioscopy
Alioscopy® USA, based in San Diego, CA, is a leading developer of a wide range of 3D technology solutions that represent one of the most significant leaps forward in auto-stereoscopic 3D display technology currently available. The company holds worldwide patents on a unique technology that delivers a one-of-a-kind immersive experience—without the aid of glasses or other devices. Markets and industries that can most benefit from Alioscopy technology include: point-of-sale kiosks (POS), digital signage, media and entertainment, mobile communications and games, automotive, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) visualization, and medical, government and military.

© 2012. Alioscopy is a registered trademark of Alioscopy. Adobe, the Adobe logo, Creative Suite, and Photoshop are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

New Think Tank Photo Bags

Our friends at Think Tank Photo just announced new additions to its best-selling Retrospective shoulder bag line.

The Retrospective® 7, scheduled for release in May, is designed for standard DSLR systems.  Its classic design along with modern improvements create the perfect shooter’s bag.  This lightweight shoulder bag comes in fabrics that offer a sense of “retro” style that appeals to many.  A rear pocket has been designed to hold an iPad or an 11” MacBook Air.

Retrospective® 7 features include:

  • iPad/MacBook pocket
  • cushioned and padded nonslip shoulder strap for all day comfort.
  • Sound Silencers™ to turn off the front flap hook and loop for silent operation.
  • Organizational and zippered pockets for accessories.
  • Removable divider set for custom layouts.
  • Convenient carrying handle for grab and go.
  • Seam sealed rain cover.
  • Expandable front pocket for DSLR body or accessories.
  • Business card slot under the front flap for identification.
  • High quality YKK zippers.

Along with the current fabric option of black polyspun or Pinestone canvas, Think Tank is introducing a new canvas color to the Retrospective line: Slate Blue.

In addition, in May ThinkTank will release its Retrospective® 5, Retrospective® 7, Retrospective® 10, Retrospective® 20, and Retrospective® 30 in a new color, Blue-Slate.

Here’s a link to a special landing page to signup to be notified when they are available for order.


Canon’s new EOS 60Da delivers top-class image quality and precision shooting to astrophotography enthusiasts

Editor’s comment – Sadly Canon has screwed this camera for infrared photographers by still including an IR blocking filter but just changing its characteristics so that the H-alpha band used by astrophotographers is not attenuated. That is a major shame as it would have been a great opportunity for Canon to properly support us infrared photographers. Press release follows.

Boasting optical characteristics designed specifically for astrophotography, the EOS 60Da allows the capture of night-sky images with exceptional high quality and lower noise.    

Sydney, 3 April, 2012: Canon Australia today unveiled a new EOS digital SLR camera tailored specifically for astro-photography enthusiasts: the Canon EOS 60Da. Building on and significantly advancing the pedigree of the respected EOS 20Da with the high-quality, high-performance characteristics of the EOS 60D, the new body offers the combination of high sensitivity and low noise which is critical to the creation of top-quality, detailed astronomical images.

Built around an 18-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and a DiG!C 4 image processor, the camera boasts a low-light, long-exposure shooting performance that will make it a must-have tool for anyone keen to capture the wonders of the night sky.

“The EOS 60Da takes Canon’s industry-leading sensor technology and pushes it even further to allow the accurate capture of red nebulae and other astronomical sights,” said Rebecca Pearson, Assistant Brand Manager – EOS, Canon Australia. “By combining superior sensitivity with very low noise, enthusiasts will be able to produce astrophotography images with more detail and colour accuracy than has previously been possible, allowing them to become even more deeply immersed in their hobby and satisfied with their end results.”

Superior optical characteristics for high image quality with low noise

The EOS 60Da builds on the excellent performance characteristics of the popular EOS 60D and adds features designed to meet the unique needs of astronomy enthusiasts.

Designed specifically for astrophotography, the EOS 60Da features a Low Pass infrared cut filter that allows the greater capture of hydrogen-alpha (H-α) light of 656mn length. The filter delivers approximately three times the transmission factor of the Canon EOS 60D and is designed to allow the capture of much clearer images of reddish, diffuse nebulae.

The low-noise characteristics of the CMOS sensor together with its high sensitivity normal ISO 6400 (expandable to H:12800) make it perfectly suited to the long exposures required to capture stars and other astronomical subjects.

Vari-angle clear-view LCD screen

To aid in the capture of images in low-light conditions, the EOS 60Da is equipped with a 3-inch vari-angle Clear View LCD screen. A user can position the 3:2 aspect screen at a comfortable angle while seeing exactly what is being captured by the camera.

The astrophotography capabilities of the EOS 60Da are further enhanced by the ability to team it with more than 60 Canon EF lenses to suit varied shooting requirements and conditions.

Complementary range of accessories

A number of Canon’s existing accessories will enhance the capabilities of the EOS 60Da:

  • The Timer Remote Controller (TC-80N3) allows accurate control of exposures of up to 10 minutes and the automatic shooting of repetitive shots via an interval timer. The EOS 60Da will be bundled with Remote Controller Adapter RA-E3 to allow connection of the Timer Remote Controller (TC-80N3)
  • The Remote Switch (RS-80N3) prevents camera shake during long exposure shots when using the camera’s bulb setting.
  • Canon’s battery grip (BG-E9) offers improved power supply for long exposure shooting.


Pricing and availability

The EOS 60Da will be available through Canon dealers from April  19th, 2012** as a Body kit only.

For more information customers can contact Canon on 1800 021 167, or visit the website at

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About Canon

Canon is the world’s leading imaging brand that actively inspires with imaginative ideas that enable people to connect, communicate and achieve more than they thought possible through imaging solutions for business and consumers. Canon’s Australian R&D company, CiSRA, develops and exports digital imaging technologies for use in Canon products worldwide. Canon has ranked among the top-four US patent recipients* for the past 20 years, and had global revenues of around $US46 billion in 2011. Canon Australia also operates Canon Finance Australia, which offers one-stop shopping for customers wanting leasing or finance services. For more information, visit,,,

* Based on weekly patent counts issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office

** Availability information correct at time of release


The Week in Photography 27 February 2012

Our new weekly roundup of interesting material from the web over the previous week to do with photography. In this series I’ll point you at the content on the web that has caught my eye that is relevant to photography in some way:

Like a Kickstarter for photojournalism, helps finance visual storytelling

A Brief History of Children’s Picture Books and the Art of Visual Storytelling

5 Awesome Light Meter Apps for iPhone

20 HDR Photographers Worth Watching

Comments on the new Nikon D4 and D800

DPReview’s Run Through of the Nikon D800

Almost enough to make me want to swap to Nikon 🙂

Outdoor Photographer’s article on using sliders with dSLRs for video

ConeSquid suction cup mount mini tripod for cameras

Nice example of a photographer’s book selling website


ioShutter Lets You Trigger a Camera From your iPhone

ioShutter, made by Enlight Photo, is a combination free App for iPhone and a special cable that connects the iPhone to the shutter control port on a camera.

The free app gives you the following features:

  • 20 and 60 second timers
  • Bulb offers 60, 90 and 120 second exposures
  • Timelapse offers three options for timelapse shooting
  • You can use shake or sound to activate any of the above functions

The US$9.99 PRO version of the app offers full programability for exposure times, timelapse settings, sound trigger noise level and duration and more.

The cables come in different models to suit different cameras.

Camera Compatibility – model E3

Canon G10, G11, G12, 60D, 1000D, 1100D, 600D, 100D, 550D, 500D, 450D, 400D, 350D, 300D, EOS Digital Rebel series, Kiss F, X5, X4, X3, X50, XS, Elan II/ IIE, Elan 7/7E, Rebel Ti, T1i, T2i, Pentax K5, K7, Super, K100D, D110D, *ist Ds2, +ist D, +ist Ds, *ist, *ist DL, Samsung GX-20, GX-10, GX-1L, GX-1S, Hasselblad H1, H2, H3, H4, Contax 645 (dependent on your back)

Camera Compatibility – model N3

Canon 5D Mark II, 5D, 7D, EOS 1D X, EOS-1D Mark IV, EOS-1Ds Mark III, EOS-1Ds MARK II, EOS-1Ds, EOS-1D Mark III, EOS-1D MARK II, EOS-1D MARK IIn, EOS-1D, EOS 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, EOS D30, D60, EOS 3 and EOS 1V.

A Nikon cable is coming soon.

Enlight Photo was founded by New Zealand photographer James Madelin.

We hope to review the whole system when the cable and PRO apps are available.


Rethinking the Keyboard

I don’t know about you but I have a love/hate relationship with keyboards. While I use them for banging out a lot of text and prefer the tactile feedback to a physical keyboard compared to the touch keyboard on my iPad, I’ve always felt the fixed nature of their layout was problematic.

Now touch keyboards are something you can get used to and I do more on my iPad every day. But it is not quite the same, yet. They really need some sort of haptic feedback, like a small electric shock to the finger 🙂 or a vibration. The BIG plus of a touch keyboard on a screen, of course, is the ability to remap the keys as needed for the task at hand.

Art. Lebedev have finally brought out their new take on the keyboard. This one is a physical keyboard but with a 64×64 pixel LCD in each key so that you can remap the keyboard, use it for special functions and so much more. Videos can even play in the keys.

While pricy for the full keyboard, it could be just the thing for use with video editing software or Photoshop, for example.

Wayne Cosshall Photography and Digital Imaging app for IPad Now Out


The first volume in the Digital ImageMaker Interactive Portfolio series, Wayne J. Cosshall Photography and Digital Imaging, is now available as an app for iPad from the App Store. It sells for US$9.99 or AUD$12.99.
Wayne Cosshall Photography and Digital Imaging - TechnoMagickal Pty Ltd ITF Sci-Art Trust
“The iPad is such a wonderful platform to bring the depth of photographers’ and digital artists’ work to a wider audience that we decided to start this series”, said Wayne Cosshall, Publisher of the series and subject of the first volume. “With something like this we needed an example to show people the power of the platform, and so decided who better than myself for the first one”.

Active preparation of the next two are underway and discussions are being held with leading photographers, digital artists and galleries to bring out other volumes. They are published on a royalty share basis, so everyone benefits.

The DIMi Interactive Portfolio Series provides the way to publish monographs that cover either the historical work or one series of the work of leading photographers and digital artists and to lift this beyond the printed image to include video and audio commentaries and interviews, demonstrations and to allow the reader to be with the artist/photographer in the field or studio. This makes them a much more immersive learning experience for the individual reader and the volumes of greater use in classroom and lecture presentation in arts education environments.

Upcoming volumes will focus on individual digital artists and photographers, as well as groups and specific project volumes.

Wayne Cosshall is a leading photography writer and educator, as well as exhibitor of his photography and digital art. This volume primarily shows recent photography work by Wayne, covering a range of styles and subject matter, from his signature infrared work to his latest multiple exposure series.

The work is presented in six main galleries, a Latest Work gallery which is automatically updated whenever the app runs and an Internet connection is available and a special panorama section that allows the panoramas to be explored by zooming and panning. Audio commentaries are provided for each gallery and a techniques section includes videos of Wayne in the field and on the computer showing how he works.

Wayne Cosshall Photography and Digital Imaging for iPad is a product of TechnoMagical Pty Ltd.

You can find it on the App Store at

The support site is

New Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad

Following on from talking about brushes for the iPad, Wacom has just announced a Bamboo Stylus for use with the iPad. It has a 6mm diameter tip, 25% smaller than the 8mm used on some other stylus designs. This should make for a more precise use. It weighs 20 grams and is claimed to be finely balanced. It will be available in May for US$29.99.

Painting On The iPad Is Easier With A Brush

The iPad is an obvious device for painters to try to use, though it does lack the pressure sensitivity of things like a Wacom tablet. But a finger is just not the same as a brush.

A number of companies are now offering brushes for the iPad that you just might find easier to use.

Joystickers offer the Flow, a paintbrush that your iPad can work with.

Nomad Brush have the Nomad Brush, another paintbrush that works on the iPad. This is a longer haired brush for more flowing action.

PenGo don’t have a brush but do have a pen stylus that could also be a good option for painters.

I know people who are loving painting on their iPads. While it is not my cup of tea personally, they are producing amazing work and if it rocks your boat then go for it.