Thinnest Circular Polarizer Filters That Take a Standard Lens Cap

U.S. Distributor of High-end Rolleiflex and Horseman Cameras to Unveil Ultra Slim Rodenstock HR Filters at PMA
Press Release

Direct Source Marketing, the U.S. distributor for medium and large
format Horseman and Rolleiflex professional cameras, today announced
that it will exhibit at PMA what is expected to be the thinnest
circular polarizer filters that take a standard snap lens cap.

The Ultra Slim Rodenstock HR advanced filters are believed to be
1-1.5 mm thinner than any other filter. They are designed to bring out
the best in optical performance for the new, advanced digital

The Ultra Slim Rodenstock is also expected to be the first ultra
slim filter with brass rather than aluminum rings. The brass rings
help ensure optical alignment of the filter to the lens. The design of
the brass ring also offers safety features, such as a sufficient
amount of threads to ensure lens cap attachment.

Additional unique features of the Rodenstock HR filters are edge
coating, which reduces internal reflection and won’t delaminate, and
an extremely hard, digital multi-coating process that allows for the
superior optical characteristics to be sustained in “real life”
situations. The filters have multiple thin coats, the last which is
water shedding and causes water to literally run off the filter like
water on a waxed car. The use of thinner optical glass provides less
aberrations and better light transmission, as well as permitting the
use of thinner filter mounts.

Rodenstock’s use of high transmission glass provides a cleaner
path of visible light and reduces ultra violet rays below 400 nm,
which is important because the new digital standards require the
ability of light to pass straight through to the imager.

The filters, which carry the Rodenstock HR (high resolution)
label, are manufactured to meet Rodenstock’s stringent standards for
optical performance. Rodenstock is a long time leader in the design
and manufacturing of professional optics. No hazardous materials are
used in manufacturing and the filters meet all RoHS standards.

Only six (28 mm, 35 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm, 100 mm, 180 mm) lenses in
the Rodenstock product line carry the prestigious HR designation.

In addition to the filters, DSM will exhibit the new Rolleiflex
Hy6, an advanced medium format camera for film and digital
applications that features the ability to accept pro digital backs and
all of the Rollei PQ and PQS lenses.

It will also exhibit Horseman’s SW-DII Pro, one of the widest
angle rear standard movement cameras on the market, and the Horseman
LD Pro, a camera that lets the photographer tilt and shift a DSLR for
sharpness and perspective control.

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