Using an iPad to Work With Photoshop on Your Computer

Adobe has release a software development kit to aid developers in producing apps for the iPad that interact with Photoshop. The SDK is supposed to work with other tablets running Android and Blackberry OS’ but the first apps are for the iPad.

To work this requires an update to Photoshop to 12.0.4 level, which is coming shortly and is available to developers at this time. Adobe has announced three apps for the iPad that will use the SDK to interact with a computer running Photoshop provided they are running on the same wireless network.

This looks to be a huge but obvious development for Photoshop and one can only assume will also roll out for their other applications as well, Premier being an obvious one.

At the very least this lets you get some of your palettes off your computer screen and onto the iPad or be more efficient in your tool use. But the potential is so much greater. One of Adobe’s three apps, which should be available in early May from Apple’s App Store is a colour mixer that will work so much like a real painter’s palette.

One day all our computer screens will be touch. For now this is a great step in that direction.