Version 2 of DxO FilmPack Celebrates the Holiday Season with 27 New Films, 8 Color Filters and Many Interface Improvements

Exceptional discount is applicable to DxO FilmPack and upgrades,
representing a savings of up to £25!
DxO FilmPack v2 includes notably 3 Infrared and 7 Instant films
DxO Labs today announces the immediate availability of DxO FilmPack version 2 for Mac and Windows, the latest version of its reference software for silver halide film rendition simulation. DxO FilmPack v2 allows photographers, experts as well as beginners, to recreate in one click the “magic” look of film on their digital images coming from any source. Users can easily bring into their prints, including large format fine art prints, the eye-appealing grain, color and contrast of the famous films that made the history of photography.

An exceptional introductory discount of £34 (instead of £59), representing a £25 discount, is valid until December 31, 2008, making DxO FilmPack v2 the ideal holiday season gift for photographers of any skill level.

Unrivaled Simplicity and Accuracy on 55 Film Profiles and Toning Effects
Based on DxO Labs’ unique calibration know-how, DxO FilmPack v2 provides photographers with the most accurate film simulation available on the market today to add the effect – in terms of color, saturation, contrast and grain – of more than 55 transparency-type (slide) films, color and black-and-white negative films plus creative cross-processing, and toning to their images.

Thanks to the easy-to-use and intuitive interface these simulations are available with a single mouse click or with complete creative control of color rendition and grain for knowledgeable users. DxO FilmPack v2 also enables users to match the tone and look of older Silver Halide prints with digital files and even create their own personalized film interpretations.

Among the 27 new film profiles added to DxO FilmPack v2, 7 simulate Instant film profiles (Polaroid and Fuji) and 3 Infrared film profiles (Kodak and Rollei). Other new film profiles include Fuji Provia 400, Kodak Elitechrome, Kodak Ektachrome 100 G, Agfa APX, Fuji Neopan 1600, Ilford Delta, Kodak T-Max, Agfa Ultra Color, Fuji Superia and Kodak Elite Color.

“With quite a few legacy Silver Halide films impossible to obtain today, DxO FilmPack version 2 provides an easy way for users to very accurately mimic film effects on digital images for both photographers used to working with those old films, and photographers who would like to ‘discover’ them,” says Cyrille de La Chesnais, Director of Sales and Marketing – Photography at DxO Labs.

Extended Post-processing Possibilities with 8 Color Filters Effects
This latest version of DxO FilmPack also adds a range of 8 color filters (Green, Yellow, Orange, Dark Orange, Blue, Red, Cool tone and Warm tone) providing photographers with even more post-processing possibilities and expanded creativity. Filters are usually used in black-and-white photography as follows:

  • Yellow, Red and Orange filters increase contrast and create dramatic skies.
  • Green filters lighten dark leaf areas.
  • Blue filters lighten skies.

Interface Improvements
DxO FilmPack v2’s easy-to-use interface has been updated and additional flexibility is provided via an “Intensity” slider that can be used to either reduce or amplify the effect of a given film simulation on a photo, and via contrast and saturation sliders replacing dropdown menus for more precise adjustments.

Exceptional Holiday Season Discount and Availability
DxO FilmPack v2 and upgrades to DxO FilmPack v2 are available immediately from the DxO Labs e-store ( at a special 40% introductory discount until December 31, 2008.

DxO FilmPack v2 introductory price: £34, instead of £59, representing a savings of £25!
All customers who purchased DxO FilmPack since August 1, 2008 are entitled to a free upgrade to version 2. All other users benefit from the following discounts:

  • DxO FilmPack v2 Upgrade introductory price: £17 instead of £29 representing a savings of £12!

£ prices are including sales taxes.

Each DxO FilmPack license includes a standalone application, an Adobe Photoshop plug-in and a DxO Optics Pro v5 plug-in, which can be installed on two computers.

System Requirements

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 100 MB available disk space
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3 or CS4, or Adobe Photoshop Elements (version 4, 5, 6 or 7 for Windows; version 4, 5 or 6 for Macintosh) for the Adobe Photoshop plug-in
  • DxO Optics Pro v5.3.1 (or higher) for the DxO Optics Pro plug-in

Windows :

  • Intel Pentium 4 processor or AMD equivalent (PentiumDual Core or higher or equivalent recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista 32 or 64 bits

Macintosh :

  • Universal Binary (G4, G5 or Intel-Mac)
  • Mac OS X.4 or X.5

About DxO Labs
DxO Labs offers products and solutions ensuring excellence in digital imaging. In addition to its DxO Optics Pro and DxO FilmPack products for Mac and Windows, targeting serious and demanding photographers, the company licenses patented intellectual property serving the entire digital imaging chain:
For consumer electronics OEM/ODM (such as digital camera and camera phone vendors): embedded software and silicon architectures for real time still and video image processing;
For imaging component suppliers (camera module manufacturers, sensor vendors, and processor vendors) as well as photography journalists and imaging experts: image quality evaluation and measurement tools.

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