Wayne Cosshall Photography and Digital Imaging app for IPad Now Out


The first volume in the Digital ImageMaker Interactive Portfolio series, Wayne J. Cosshall Photography and Digital Imaging, is now available as an app for iPad from the App Store. It sells for US$9.99 or AUD$12.99.
Wayne Cosshall Photography and Digital Imaging - TechnoMagickal Pty Ltd ITF Sci-Art Trust
“The iPad is such a wonderful platform to bring the depth of photographers’ and digital artists’ work to a wider audience that we decided to start this series”, said Wayne Cosshall, Publisher of the series and subject of the first volume. “With something like this we needed an example to show people the power of the platform, and so decided who better than myself for the first one”.

Active preparation of the next two are underway and discussions are being held with leading photographers, digital artists and galleries to bring out other volumes. They are published on a royalty share basis, so everyone benefits.

The DIMi Interactive Portfolio Series provides the way to publish monographs that cover either the historical work or one series of the work of leading photographers and digital artists and to lift this beyond the printed image to include video and audio commentaries and interviews, demonstrations and to allow the reader to be with the artist/photographer in the field or studio. This makes them a much more immersive learning experience for the individual reader and the volumes of greater use in classroom and lecture presentation in arts education environments.

Upcoming volumes will focus on individual digital artists and photographers, as well as groups and specific project volumes.

Wayne Cosshall is a leading photography writer and educator, as well as exhibitor of his photography and digital art. This volume primarily shows recent photography work by Wayne, covering a range of styles and subject matter, from his signature infrared work to his latest multiple exposure series.

The work is presented in six main galleries, a Latest Work gallery which is automatically updated whenever the app runs and an Internet connection is available and a special panorama section that allows the panoramas to be explored by zooming and panning. Audio commentaries are provided for each gallery and a techniques section includes videos of Wayne in the field and on the computer showing how he works.

Wayne Cosshall Photography and Digital Imaging for iPad is a product of TechnoMagical Pty Ltd.

You can find it on the App Store at http://itunes.com/apps/WayneCosshallPhotographyandDigitalImaging

The support site is http://www.technomagickal.com/iphone-and-ipad-development-and-applications/dimi-interactive-portfolio-series/cosshall-photography-and-digital-imaging-interactive-portfolio/cosshall-photography-support/

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