X-Rite Showcases All-new ColorMunki Photo Innovative Technology at WPPI 08

First Look At Innovative All-in-one Color Solution for Wedding, Portrait, & Social Photographers Plus Tips From Renowned Photographers & Show Giveaways In Booth 359
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X-Rite, Incorporated, the world leader in color management and measurement technologies, showcases ColorMunki(TM) Photo, a key innovation in its line of color solutions for the creative community designed specifically for wedding, portrait and social photographers – at the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Trade Show (WPPI) in association with RangeFinder & AfterCapture Magazines, March 17- 19, 2008, Bally’s & Paris Hotel Convention Centers, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Meet ColorMunki Photo at booth 359 and learn all about the innovative do everything, go everywhere solution that combines power and simplicity, giving photographers ultimate color control for all their photo images.

ColorMunki Photo is one of three innovations in the all-new ColorMunki line of color solutions for the creative community. Resulting from X-Rite and its recently acquired partner, color system developer PANTONE®, the ColorMunki portfolio encompasses three groundbreaking products: ColorMunki Photo, ColorMunki Design and ColorMunki Create. Together, the innovative portfolio addresses the needs of a creative community that wants to use color effectively, easily and imaginatively.

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    for more information visit: colormunki.com
“Our all-new ColorMunki portfolio reflects a deepened commitment to our customers. We’ve developed solutions for distinct segments of the creative community facilitating an unprecedented digital workflow that seamlessly incorporates color. The exceptional ease of use has extended the appeal of our solutions. Now, for the first time – color excellence can be integrated effortlessly into anyone’s creative vision, setting a new industry standard,” states X-Rite Senior VP of Global Sales & Marketing, Iris Mangelschots

Meet ColorMunki Photo on the Show Floor – First-Ever All-In-One Color Control Solution To Combine Simplicity & Ease Now On Display
WPPI, the industry’s premier expo and educational conference specifically designed for wedding and portrait photographers, provides an ideal setting for the all-new X-Rite ColorMunki Photo. It allows these photographers – along with passionate advocates – to easily, quickly and affordably match colors from
The all-new X-Rite ColorMunki Photo will be available for first-hand exploration from the show floor. Attendees who stop by booth 359 may explore such innovations as the ability to:

    CALIBRATE AND PRINT WITH EASE – ColorMunki(TM) lets you swing perfectly from screen to print with quick, easy, and accurate display-to-print match, including:

    LCD & Laptop Calibration – With both easy modes for predetermined selections or advanced mode for those looking for more control over whitepoint or ambient measurements.
    Projector Profiling – By utilizing the same profiling technology for your display, your ColorMunki will give you fast and accurate projector profiles so you can project your images to your client, family or friends with color confidence.
    Printer Profiling – With complete color control and optimized printer profiling that makes sure the color you see is the color you get. New RGB and CMYK printer-profiling technology delivers outstanding printer profile quality. ColorMunki’s superfast scanning eliminates tedious individual color patch reading, rapidly measuring test charts in less than a minute. And AppSet(TM) allows ColorMunki to talk with your photo and design applications to automate printer profile setting.. Now, for the first time ever – display to print match – with ease!

ο CREATE WITH POWER – ColorMunki(TM) lets you bring your vision to life, capturing colors from virtually anywhere and enhance your editing creativity.
    Your image library – is now at your fingertips and automatically extracts colors from any image.
    Inspiration color – ColorMunki lets you grab any color from the visible spectrum – quickly and accurately capture spectral color from any surface and import directly into your photo and design applications.
    Create and manage custom color palettes – with ColorMunki’s new PrintSafe(TM) checking capabilities, you’ll be able to preview your color palettes under different lighting sources or printing processes before you go to production.

ο COMMUNICATE EFFORTLESSLY – so no matter how you show your work, the world will see exactly what you want.

DigitalPouch(TM), a self-executable application that checks for ViewSafe(TM) conditions on the receiver side ensures that you can share your images with confidence. Simply drag and drop the images you want to transport into the pouch and “zip” it up to send. The receiver will be able to view the images in the same application-viewing screen, while the application looks for and verifies that an accurate, up-to-date monitor profile is in use. No need for the receiver to own ColorMunki software to view.

    For more detailed information about ColorMunki Photo view the Product Brief at: www.cjcstrategists.com/resources/wppi08/CM_PhotoBrief.pdf.
    For FAQ’s about ColorMunki Photo visit: www.cjcstrategists.com/resources/wppi08/CM_Photo_FAQ.pdf

Attendees who stop by the booth 359 have the chance to win the all-new ColorMunki Photo, one drawing each day of the show. At select times throughout the show, world renown photographers and color experts Matthew Jordan-Smith, Jane Conner-Zeiser, Suzette Allan, Helen Yancy and Tony Corbell offer their advice and insights on effective, predictable and accurate color-managed digital workflow from X-Rite booth 359. (See their schedule at the booth.) In addition, at each speaker session, several lucky attendees will win a ColorMunki T-shirt.

ColorMunki Pricing, Availability and System Requirements
ColorMunki Photo will be available in late March 2008 from an authorized USA/Canadian X-Rite Photo Dealer. For more information visit www.xritephoto.com/html/colormunki . ColorMunki Photo is compatible with both Mac and PC platforms. Individual system specifications can be found at colormunki.com

Color Excellence For Specific Workflows Highlighted In Booth 351 and 459
The X-Rite i1®Photo – is on display at this year’s WPPI in Booth 351. This innovative color management solution for high-production environments delivers mission-critical color in a digital RGB workflow. It includes the ability to calibrate all types of monitors and profile scanners, digital cameras and digital projectors with a white-surface backup board and highly sophisticated ruler system that enables easy one hand scanning operation.

Two levels of color excellence for monitors also are on display in Booth 351. X-Rite i1®Display LT makes easy work of color balancing monitors with a Wizard-driven user mode, and comes packaged within an X-Rite i1®Display measurement device for fast and easy color reads. X-Rite i1®Display 2 is a step-up for the pro-user that offers both easy- and advance-mode Wizards. In addition to offering all the benefits of an X-Rite i1®Display LT, the Display 2 features the advanced capabilities of Workgroup Match and Validation.

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® huey(TM) products are being exhibited in Pantone booth 459.

As the digital segment of the photographic industry continues to expand, color becomes an even more important aspect of delivering a quality outcome. X-Rite answers industry needs with a solution to fit every color need, including its latest innovation. ColorMunki Photo was developed as a versatile, helpful, and reliable tool that ensures wedding, social and portrait photographers – and, indeed, anyone passionate about photography – that the colors in their prints are the colors they intended.

The ColorMunki(TM) Photo and i1® Product lines are available from an authorized USA/Canadian X-Rite Photo Dealer. For more information visit www.XRitePhoto.com.

About X-Rite Imaging & Media
X-Rite is the global leader in color science and technology. X-Rite offers photographers a complete portfolio of color technology for capturing, displaying and printing color images. X-Rite color solutions allow photographers who want professional results to get their right color the first time and every time.

About X-Rite
(NASDAQ: XRIT) X-Rite is the global leader in color science and technology. The company, which now includes color industry leader Pantone Inc., (www.pantone.com) develops, manufactures, markets and supports innovative color management solutions through measurement systems, software, color standards and services. X-Rite’s expertise in measuring, formulating, communicating and matching color helps users get color right the first time and every time, which translates to better quality and reduced costs. X-Rite serves a range of industries, including printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles, dental and medical.
Visit: www.x-rite.com or www.colormunki.com for more information.