Apple Falls Victim to Foul Smelling China Syndrome

It seems that Apple has problems with Power Macs that were made in China with a strong and toxic smell released from the computer when running.
It is not just poisoned milk. It may also be poisoned Macs in the latest about Chinese manufacture.

Reports are surfacing of a toxic and potentially carcinogenic gas being released from certain Power Macs that were made in China that do not occur with later Power Macs made in the US. There are also indications that this may have affected other models, such as Macbooks.

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I think this represents the tip of the iceberg. Many electronics items have a smell when you first get them, in fact some call it like the new car smell, which is in fact chemicals released from the vinyl and plastics in the car. Call me old fashioned but I’d prefer not to get a dose of toxins with my new electronic equipment. In some cases burning in the equipment for 24 to 48 hours in a well ventilated room seems to help. But shouldn’t the manufacturer be ensuring that this is already done?

There is a whiff in the air, and it could not only be your computer but the beginnings of a new, long term, health issue. Maybe modern technology really is making us sick.

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