Art Today

This fascinating book looks at art since 1960 up to the present.
Art Today

By Edward Lucie-Smith

Phaidon Press

ISBN: 0714838888

fascinating book looks at art since 1960 up to the present. Very well
written as well asbeautifully illustrated, the book has a good,
in-depth look at art in the post-modernist era.Through eighteen
chapters we are offered insight into the processes and dynamics of
thevarious art movements of our time. Taking a truly world wide
perspective this is a book forcareful reading and studying, as well as
a flick through. There are brief biographies of theartists whose work
is featured in the book as well as an extensive bibliography and a

chronology of the period.

Chapters include:

  • Pop & After;
  • The Survival of Abstraction;
  • Minimal & Conceptual;
  • Land Art, Light and Space, Body Art;
  • Neo-Dada, Atre Povera &
  • Installation;
  • Neo-Expressionism;
  • Realism in America;
  • Post-Modernism and NeoClassicism;
  • British Figurative Painting;
  • New British Sculpture;
  • New Art in New York;
  • Out of New York;
  • Latin America;
  • Perestroika Art;
  • The Far East; African & Afro-Caribbean Art;
  • Racial Minorities; and
  • Feminist & Gay.

As you would expect in a book that covers such a range in 500 odd
pages, it does not go as deep as a book covering just one area. But
then the beauty of this book is its breadth of coverage, allowing you
to explore areas you are not familiar with and to also draw
comparisons. This is an excellent book that you just have to have. Well
written with well chosen illustrations, it is an ideal companion to
anyone exploring contemporary art. Buy it.

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