August 2006 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – Handmade Paper Pinhole Cameras

This web site shows pinhole photography done with paper cameras completely constructed out of the photo paper that the image is produced on.
Thomas Hudson Reeve pinhole photography

In the days of complex, 22MP digital cameras with auto everything, this site reminds us of just how simple it can be. The site is dedicated to the photography of Thomas Hudson Reeve, who folds pinhole cameras out of darkroom developed, photographic paper. After the exposure, the camera is unfolded and developed. The camera is thus the ultimate in single use cameras. The resulting images are amazing, both from the way they are created and from the distortions created by the unfolding of the imaging surface.

Thomas Hudson Reeve pinhole photography

The website itself is a simple treatment that works perfectly. It is elegant and allows the images lots of space. The only thing I could personally wish for is a larger view of the images so we could better see the detail.

Thomas Hudson Reeve pinhole photography

Lastly, if you go to the About the Artist page, at the bottom of which is Thomas Hudson Reeve’s name. Clicking on this takes you to another section of the site with an email contact but also a gallery of other photography he has done. Well worth a look.

This is a great site with great photography. It shows just how simple it can all be, and what an interesting statement such simplicity can make.

View the site at:

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