Canto Cumulus 7.5.2 tames Apple’s Spotted Cat

Fixes and performance enhances across all platforms are rolled into Cumulus 7.5.2 update, which introduces support for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
Press Release

Canto announced today the immediate availability of Cumulus 7.5.2, an update that improves all Cumulus products, including Workgroup, Enterprise, BrandAssistant and the Cumulus Web clients. Most significant in the update is support for Mac OS X 10.5.

‘Leopard didn’t pose too much of a problem for us’ explains Canto CEO Ulrich Knocke. ‘There are always a few last minute adjustments that need to be made for an operating system upgrade on the scale of Leopard. Cumulus 7.5.2 provided us with a good opportunity to address all known issues, while we cleaned up other aspects of Cumulus that will benefit users on all platforms.’

Canto recommends all customers upgrade to Cumulus 7.5.2 to ensure compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard and Windows Vista, and to benefit from fixes and improvements leveraged across the entire product line.

Customers on active service agreements can download the update free of charge from Canto’s Customer Portal:
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