New eBook Released Helps Parents Homeschool a Child with Dyslexia

It’s been awhile since we covered anything about dyslexia, a name for a whole spectrum of differences in thinking and learning that a higher proportion of people in the creative arts have. Dyslexia brings great benefits, but also issues to overcome. So we cover dyslexia topics whenever we can. Writer and homeschooling mother Kerry Jones, […]

Cell Phone That Reads to Blind or Dyslexics Ready to Change Lives

First Cell Phone that Reads to the Blind and Dyslexic Released by Joint Venture of Kurzweil Technologies and the National Federation of the Blind Press Release K-NFB Reading Technology, Inc., a company combining the researchand development efforts of the National Federation of the Blind andKurzweil Technologies, Inc., today unveils an exciting product linethat will revolutionize […]