Using Larger Digital Cameras With the GigaPan Epic Panorama Unit

The GigaPan Epic is designed for small, compact digital point and shoot cameras. Yet a half hours work with some aluminum, a drill and a thread-tapping device will remove many of the limitations and allow you to take panoramas with larger cameras, including dSLRs.

The GigaPan Epic Review, A Motorized Panorama Platform to Create Stunning Photography

The GigaPan Epic automates the shooting of panoramas and photo mosaics. In this review we cover the unit itself and the free stitching and uploading software that is provided. A panorama allows you to capture a much wider field of view than your camera and lens can do in one image. A photo mosaic uses […]

False Color Infrared Images with the XDP Filter, the people who converted my 350D and will do my next camera, also sell filters. I’ve been testing a number of their infrared filters of late and the first one I will talk about is their unusual XDP filter.

Gitzo GM2541 Carbon-Fiber Monopod Video Review and Tutorial on How-To Use a Monopod

We review the Gitzo and also cover how to use a monopod for those that have never experienced one. Gitzo’s GM2541 is a four section, carbon fiber monopod. It weighs half a kilo (1.1lbs) and rises to a maximum height of 1.6m (63in) from a collapsed length of 53cm (20.9in).  The leg sections use the […]

Fenix Torches or Flashlights, Because Photographers Sometimes Need One

Most of us have a torch or flashlight of some sort in our camera bag, or if we don’t, then we should. Torches have changed a lot recently. For many years I carried a small 2AA Maglite torch or flashlight in my camera bag. It served me well but had some major limitations. If I […]