Conceptual Art

Phaidon Themes and Movements book covering this often difficult area of conceptual art
Conceptual Art
Edited by Peter Osborne
Phaidon Themes and Movements Series, 2002
ISBN 0 7148 3930 2

Yet another in Phaidon’s Themes and Movements series, this one looks at the redefinition of art to be focused on ideas.

As in all the books in the series, it starts with a 40 page survey of conceptual art, written by the editor, followed by 140 pages of art work, divided into the following sections:
*    Pre-History: 1950-1960
*    Instruction. Performance. Documentation
*    Process. System. Series
*    Word and Sign
*    Appropriation. Intervention. Everyday
*    Politics and Ideology
*    Institutional Critique
*    Afterwards
One hundred pages of documents then follows. Artists’ and authors’ biographies and a good bibliography follows.

Again Phaidon have a great book that is an essential learning tool and a great resource for the practicing artist. Buy it, read it, study it. You’ll end up a better contemporary artist for it.

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